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Private Journal 12.01.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello Journal;

I thought I better write down what occurred the past few days.  I can use this entry as a benchmark to gauge myself as time passes and if, hopefully if, I do not become as Metier was.

Daniel thinks I was the fool to accept Metier’s offer.  I can only hope I can prove him wrong.  I know Babbage is not my true home but over the few years I have been here it certainly seems more comfortable than Nihon and most certainly more comfortable than either France or England.  I have made from real friendships here both alive and dead.  Now doesn’t that sound strange?  But then most people do not have a life like mine.

A life like mine…I wonder how it was with Metier?  What drove him to madness; was it his life or afterlife?  I talked with him several times before the agreement was made in the graveyard.  So many fragments, so many trails to follow!  In any case, I trust him in that he was trying to save Babbage.  Only the fact that his madness made it impossible to do so.  I think that is why he passed the task onto me.  He knew very well my talent in speaking to the dead.  Is that a clue to the solution?

I have seen the crab things and they are quite unusual.  They follow with conviction but not always do they cause destruction.  I must ask Book-chan if there is a pattern there.  She is always so prepared and has a keen eye for details.  I think she must be a special person to be so observant.  I know one of the cylinders is near her house.  Perhaps I can it as an observation post.

I should also tell her about the experience as Metier passed through me.  She might be able to provide some information and insight as she was exposed to the rift I think.  As Metier passed through me I felt as if a token was passed between us.  It seems now I feel the soul of Babbage as I feel the ghosts in the graveyard.  It’s faint almost like a butterfly touch but it is there.  Metier was right about the feel.  I sense both fear and pain.  It is like a frightened child sometimes but like a woman in terror at others but, the touch is female.  I plan to do a formal invocation as I did when I first met the Babbage ghosts but I am not sure where to do it.  Where would the soul of Babbage reside?  The Town Hall?  The City Wall?  The canals?  The sewers?  Perhaps in a special clock?  The location has to be special but where to start?  I would ask the Clockwinder but he and I have never hit it off.  But Miss Maggie and I have had private and cozy chats already while I lived in the Wheatstone district.  It has been a while since I have seen her but if anyone would give me an idea it might be her.

Or Tepic…  The kitsune has a talent unlike many of the Babbage citizens.  I am convinced he is a walker.  Perhaps not like Tenk and Maggie but I think he travels between times and places.  Dr. Maddox is consumed with panic about Arnold but Metier quite clearly said that he is gone to a different place.  Which is why I think the services of a walker are needed.  But Tepic also has a gentle soul and is quite in touch with Babbage and its creatures.  How else can you explain the connection with kittens, the ability to find voles in the dead of winter, and the unfortunate knack of shooting down messenger pigeons.  He might know where to do the invocation.

Pigeons…I must send a message home.  Belldandy has built a new house for the birds and they already have become attached to it.  I shall certainly get switched by both of them when I send the message home.

I think I shall take a quick nap.  I find that I am a bit more tired lately.  Could it be that connection with Babbage wears on me?  I will have to mention that in my letter home.  I have never been tired after working with the spirits before but then I have never worked with an entire city at once either.


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  1. Henri Metier Henri Metier December 1, 2011

    Henri Metier had once again had his intent misunderstood.  He had said share the burden, not take his burden.  The fact he had disappeared immediately afterwards had given the impression he’d given up his duties and connection completely, even though he’d told them he’d continue his tasks forever if she accepted , but without manifesting to the physical realm to do so.  While it was true he was not currently working on his previous tasks it was only because he was busy on a new goal.  He had never needed to manifest to do his duties for the city, but there was little hope that they would ever understand his motivations or even realize he was still around in some fashion…well perhaps Miss Hermit would eventually.

    He chuckled to himself, a chuckle no one would ever hear in the physical realm again.  It didn’t really matter in the end what they thought happened to him.  He’d had his hour on the stage, and he was to be heard no more. 

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