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Private Journal 09.01.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello Journal !!!

So much happens here in Babbage in such a short period of time.  There has been a heinous murder committed within the bowels of the Church of the Builder.  Pip died at the hands of an unknown person or persons and while clues abound, I believe several are false trails laid to confuse an investigation.  I should know as the clan takes great pride in doing such a thing (did I say that, no of course not).  Suspects are everywhere and motives are in a quantity to stagger the imagination.  I should think that Pip held one to many secrets and that someone didn’t want them to see the light of day.  Shall I volunteer to help?  It wouldn’t be what Father wanted but I feel a sense of duty to the City and I do have some talents that others do not.

The church of the Builder…such an odd religion so unlike Shinto beliefs.  I see that the Church has seen fit to increase the number of clergy here in Babbage both brother and sisters.  I question the reason for this.  Are the other Steamlands seeing the same actions?

I was able to get to the grave yard last night to play for the spirits.  It is an activity that both I and they enjoy.  Miss Menges, my cute little ward, came down from her apartment to join me for a bit.  We chatted on various topics while I played and generally had a nice time together.  Think I will be taking her to a shop that I know of to get her outfitted in a kimono or two.  Next thing you know we will doing tea ceremonies in the temple room of my apartment.  Perhaps we should invite the Babbage Ladies Liberty League up one evening!  Tea and cookies anyone?

After my time in the grave yard I *was* planning to retire for the evening.  But when I got to my apartment I noticed that the Clockhaven courtyard was teaming with citizens among whom were several members of the church and Lia.  While not wanting to worry too much for her, the recent events with Pip caused me to strap on my katana and hurry over anyway.  My concerns were baseless as it turned out to be just the first large gathering of citizens in the courtyard that I have ever seen.  Note to Kaylee: less India rubber in the formula for the boot soles…smiles.  Towards the end of the gathering, I was amazed to find out that among the sisters is a young member who skin is of a different color than normal.  Now that took me back in time to the early days in the temple!!! I was treated so oddly by the monks.  Some adored me while others would have no part of me.  Until I gained my insight into who I was through my mediation and training by the senior monk, I was very scared and upset and teary.  I hope that Sister Ed (such a name for such a cute girl!) has an easier time of it than I did.  If she wanted to spend some time with me I would not be unhappy to do so *hint hint*.

I also got to talk to Miss Netizen about the death of Pip and the investigation for a bit.  I have let her know that if she wished I would help in any capacity that I could.  I wonder where Pip’s body is lying?  It could contain more information that one would think.

Oh and then today starts STEAMIII !!  I so enjoyed last year and received so many nice gifts that are so steampunk.  I am sure this year will prove to be no less wonderful.  I shall certainly have to take Miss Menges on this hunt for goodies.  Girls do love to shop around you know…giggles.

Such a long entry!  But then Babbage is coming alive again as the fall colors are brewing.  I can not wait to see how all these things develop!!


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