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Private Journal 08.20.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello dear Journal;

I have greeting people right and left as of late.  It appears that Babbage is hitting a surge again.  I have been chatting with more of the urchins lately.  I met Willow and Stormy the other day and we discussed a strange creature in a green gel that Willow had found.  Looked rather squid-like and perhaps not pleased to be have been caught.  I also bumped into Skyler and we shared some information that I thought was so interesting that I gave him some coins to go and buy (for once) some treats at the CocoJava.  I really appreciate our urchins.

Ginny and I have been chatting from time to time and I hope we can get together for some shopping and perhaps even attend an event together.  It’s nice to have a young ward to nuture in both the ways of the temple and of New Babbage.  It gives me a real sense of purpose.

Tasha and I are still coming to terms with what I do.  We have had a few “discussions” about it.  It seems that she is caught in the time where she passed and is not willing to come to the present.  Evie mentioned that she put on airs.  Maybe our resident spirit pixie was closer to the truth that I originally thought.  I will still try to bring Tasha to the time that we enjoy now but I am starting to have doubts if she will follow.  A letter to the senior monk might be in order.


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