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Private Journal 08.09.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *


Hello Journal !!

Well, this is the first time I am posting to you on the new site.  I hope this work out well.


All the spirits are where they want to be finally but more importantly they’re free to move as they wish.  I am so glad that the ordeal for them has ended.  It has given me some wonderful experiences but at the same time it has sadden me that there was not the happy ending for Mrs. Barry and the others who had been sucked into this space by Mr. Footman’s device.

I do go down and play for them from time to time as  know Tepic does also.  Last night, we had a visitor.  A Miss Ginny Dotterkelch came by to listen to my playing.  She is also a student of New Babbage but in a different way from mine.  After chatting about for a period of time  I offered the use of my flat and myself to her.  You see, she is looking for a proper family to take care of her but sadly has not found one yet.  So, she shall be by ward within New Babbage until that happy time arrives for her.  Ah, yes dear Journal she is not the first young lady I have taken under my wing.  Nor shall she be the last I suspect.  I do this because it reminds me of the times when I nurtured young mikos as they laid crying in the temple after being separated from their families.  I guess I must have some mothering skills within me.

New Babbage seems to be recovering from the loss of Mr. Merryman.  I note the usual drama within the Militia, the salons and the dances starting up once again.  Who knows perhaps Mr. Frakture might even return!!  Now wouldn’t that get Lia all stirred up…smiles.


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