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Power Fluctuations #8 ( The Dark Aether)

Avariel Falcon returned to the power station after being called out on a wild goose chase looking for a non-existent machine in the Fells.

As the clockwork unicorn entered the courtyard she was presented with a scean of devastation. It was obvious that some sort of battle had taken place, there were unrecognisable twisted bits of clockwork strewn all over the courtyard. Among the remains of the clockwork were fragments of some sort of shells and splinters of wood from what was once the Useless Tree.

In one corner lay…

“Unit #6!”.

Avariel ran up to the large clockwork, he had been badly beaten.

“Unit #6! What happened here? Who attacked you?”.

The old clockwork rambled, “Sabotage… Saboteurs… Monsters… Distraction… Destroyer…”.

Unit #6 held up a ragged piece of black cloth, then he shuddered and moved no more…

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 5, 2011

    [ The power station was not damaged in the attack, and there is a great deal of confusion about who, or what, attacked. Some of the surviving clockwork say there were attacks on multiple fronts, while other insist that it was just crab like monsters. One or two even talk of a strange shadowy figure in the background, but it is hard to make sense of it all so almost anything could have happened in the confusion]

  2. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn November 6, 2011

    As Orpheus raced back from his security sweep in the Fell, he punched up a scan of the area around the Power Station.

    “My god! I just left there an hour ago and things were fine!”

    It took a moment for the monitor to pull up a real time image, but when the resolution was brought into focus, Orpheus stood staring at the monitor, horrified at what he was seeing…


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