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Power Fluctuations #6 (The Dark Aether)


Week 3


Avariel Falcon looked at the assembled clockwork, “Where is Unit #26? and Unit #3?”.

The lumbering form of Unit #6 replied, “Unit #26… disassembled… while… searching… for… more… machines… only… scrap… metal… parts… located…”.

The clockwork unicorn stomped her hooves, “Drat! That’s our first loss. Unit #26 was one of the newest and most advanced of our scout units, this does not bode well…”.

At that moment a small brass rat like clockwork skittered into the room.

Avariel looked over at the clockwork rat, “Ahh good! Unit #3! Yes, we are all here now, at least all of us who are still functional…”.


The clockwork unicorn pointed to a board which displayed copies of the book pages, “Mr Mornington seams to think the people mentioned on these pages may be in danger from whoever is behind this dark aeather thing. I happen to agree with him, and in response to this threat I intend to take action! We will not let anything happen to these individuals, we will watch over them and make certain they remain safe!”.

Avariel pointed to several of the clockwork,“Apart from Units #6 #9 and #12 who will remain here I want all units out in the city watching over everyone who may be at risk”.

“Units #13 and #16 are to remain on special duties”.

“Keep alert out there, we have already lost one of our own, we will not lose another!”.

“Run program!”.

The assembled clockwork all shouted “Compliance!” and headed out on their missions.


Once the clockwork were out of the building Avariel turned to Unit #9, the large audio-visual reconnaissance clockwork stood in front of the micro-portal guarding the gateway.

“Unit #9, I have a very important task for you, one upon which the future of this city may depend”.

“This data is classified and is only to be shared with Unit #6 and young Master Gadget. I am going to relay the data to you in machine language just in case anyone is listening…”.

Avariel made a series of clicking noises,“We are going to set a trap for a rather nasty entity, and we are going to use the portal to do it.”.

“I will need you to be ready to respond to remote commands from Master Gadget who will instruct you on the remote points for the portal entrance and exit. This portal will be configured to be uni-directional, I don’t want even the tiniest atom to get out of it!”.

Unit #9 pondered this for a moment, “There is a risk factor… The two remote ends of the portal will be linked to the portal generator here, there is a very small probability that the aetheric bridge could collapse and the target entity may arrive on the pad here instead of the intended destination.”.

Avariel nodded, “Yes, there is a risk, and that is why I have detailed you to this task. You are equipped for operation in dangerous environments and will have the best chance to survive the encounter. I will also assign Unit #6 to work with you as I expect you will need someone to maintain the portal systems while you operate the controls here”.

Unit #9 worked through the problem, “Maybe… If I were to monitor the entry and exit points of the portal I could assess the aetheric varience factor better, then the portal will be less likely to colapse… Unit #6 could operate the controls here and he is also equiped for hostile situations”.

The unicorn looked at Unit #9, “That may be a better plan, I agree… Unit #12 will be here to maintain the systems as well, so that should work”.

The clockwork unicorn looked at Unit #9, “Ok then, Run program!”.

Unit #9 responded, “Compliance!”.


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