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Please Stand By

I have absolutely nothing better to do today.

Post an entry for the wiki in this thread and I will cleverly archive it for you. 

There must be something about New Babbage you know that I don’t. 

(wiki registrations are disabled due to botspammers)

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  1. Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo January 10, 2012

    Captain Cadmus Lupindo is The Most Interesting Man in New Babbage.

    – His charm is so contagious, vaccines we’re created for it.


    Stay thirsty my friends.

  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer January 10, 2012

    The CocoaJava Cafe was originally built for Loner Lane by DreddPirateBob Streeter.  It had no back wall, had a drive-through window in the fireplace room (why, no one knows) and sales counters on the patio area.  There were no windows or upper patio on the second level.  Bob gifted the building to Ceejay when she bought her very first piece of property in Babbage, and then was heavily renovated.

    But that would explain the continual rat problem.

  3. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold January 10, 2012

    Arnold (Background):  Forced to leave home at the age of six (common years), Arnold spent the next six years of his life as an urchin wandering the streets of several different cities, defending himself on many occasions and doing what he had to in order to survive.  Thanks to this he has an extensive criminal record which he has made no secret of to Miss Bookworm of the militia.   He was eventually found one morning asleep on Dr. Thaddeus Solsen’s desk by the man and his students (including Maddox) a few minutes before their class with no clue how he got there.

    Pessimistic, neurotic, blunt, and at least usually honest (more of a personal preference really), Arnold entered Babbage against his ‘better judgement’ following Dr. Maddox
    Lionheart (at the time Maddox Sinclaire) sure that his friend would die without his help.  It was only after he fell out
    of existence while the Dark Aether threatened the city that he stopped
    professing his hatred for the city of industry.

  4. Nathaniel Lorefield Nathaniel Lorefield January 11, 2012

    Nathaniel Lorefield: Background

    No one knows quite where little Nate came from, but that’s not really important. At the age of 10 he was apprenticed to an engineer on a steamer from the mainland. During this short engagement he gained many of his varied technical skills. When the ship wintered in New Babbage the city quickly captured him under it’s spell and he found he couldn’t help but stay. He’s found his place among the citizens of this town as a handyman…er…handy-urchin. Nate can’t stand rudeness but is glad to offer his assistance so long as you ask nicely. He’s quick to laugh and joke, but cross one of his friends and he’ll be among the first to take revenge.

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