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Qiamah looked up from where she was lounging on a couch as violet entered the parlor ” so how did your interview go?”

the rabbit kicked off her shoes, plopped down on the couch and placed her feet in Qismahs lap ” much as i expected, those children have no real idea of what they want an agent for, one even asked me what i would do if the sewers became overrun with Alligators!”

the Healer looked up from her massage and smirked” Alligators? why you would hire them on the spot and send them en mass after hienirichs”

” true ” the rabbit replied “but the urchins want someone who will visibly do business for them without people knowing its their agent and that same agent must act the part of sneak thief as well, or so they think,but it cant be done, no open Representative who puts them self in the public eye can safely play visibly in both worlds, this is why i don’t openly do field work for my self”

 the gazelle patted the sole of a foot paw “well you will just have to take control of the situation and lead them where you want”

violet stretched out her toes ” it wont work that way, the urchins will be wary of any one seemingly trying to take control, and will take actions to prevent that,whats needed is a less direct approach, and that will take time,the outcome of which i don’t believe is worth the effort”

the gazelle Moreau looked at her employer”so what will you do?”

violet leaned over and poured herself a Brandy ” well if i know tepic, he’ll actively appose my engagement as their agent, and if he’s voted down then i can decline the offer with the excuse that increasing business within my own company prevents me from putting enough effort into the position to do it Justice,with the offer to do jobs on a case by case basis as needed”

and won’t that put an end to this toe hold you were talking about?” Qismah asked

violet smiled over her drink “oh not at all, the urchins will know i was willing to help them, and will grow more trusting of me,and that Qismah is how alliances are born.”

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