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Pixar’s story rules in Lego form

Plotting RP?   Read these.

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  1. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska July 29, 2012

    Some time ago I posted on the BAR my wish to generate an edgy and dynamic RP, and got a good deal of feedback in the form of excellent observations and advice. Then, alas, the First Life came to bear and, as a direct result of poor policy and politics in my home state, I made a move not unlike what Doc Obolensky is now experiencing, and missed out on much of the lovely Dark Aether RP as I had taken an job providing repast for a raucous bunch of bohemian artists on weekends and evenings. In previous endeavors in the dark world, and wide, I have witnessed great events, generating joy, passion, and eventually, sentimentality, that have had muffling effects on subsequent events. We have now emerged from the back end of two such great events and I suspect we are now, as the kids these days would say, somewhat “gun shy”.

    I am increasingly convinced that the multiVerse is going through an epochal transition, by that I mean our typists, or primaries, or alts and even our environments being impacted similarly by the same Thing, and we are stuck in a kind of chaos. Understanding this, perhaps we can design an algorithm for miniature events, not intended to compete with large ones but through which some satisfaction can be obtained. A ‘filler’ exercise.

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