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Piemont Landing Presents ~3rd Annual Masquerade Formal Ball ~Bug Building Contest

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Piermont Landing
Proudly Presents
October 23rd
3rd Annual  Masquerade Formal Ball
6pm to 9pm SLT
Music by the Amazing DJ Bats
Babbage Bug Contest  Contest
30 prim Limit
1st prize 2000
2nd prize 1000
3rd prize 500
and Ribbons too :-)
Sponsored By
House of  RFYRE
Blak Opal Design
The Curious Seamstress

October build contest
Babbage Bug Contest  Contest New Babbage  gots Bugs  build   contest

 30 prims !!! 30 prim Limit

Bugs Bugs Bugs  !! 
 What with bed bugs   stink bugs ..  whats the Babbage  bug ??
 show us what YOU got  !!

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