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Phoenix Rising Book Discussion at the R.F.Burton Library

 [14:14] Vernden
Jervil: I actually read halfway into the sequel so I’m running my thoughts

[14:15] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I need to get
the second book; Vernden AS USUAL is racing ahead of me.

[14:15] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay) steals his copy.

[14:15] Vernden Jervil: hey!

 [14:15] Junie
Ginsburg: Vernden puts us all to shame

 [14:15] Junie
Ginsburg: He actually reads.

[14:15] Junie Ginsburg snickers

[14:15] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Ready to begin?

 [14:16] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yeah, he’s a weirdo. I mean YES! all ready!

[14:16] Vernden Jervil: I think so

[14:16] Junie Ginsburg whispers: Yep

[14:16] Vernden Jervil pouts

[14:16] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay) gives book back,

[14:16] Sera (serafina.puchkina): So what did you think of
the book?

[14:17] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I was VERY
entertained, right from the start. There are no dull moments!

[14:17] Vernden Jervil: Nods , the chapter titles amused me
right from the start

[14:18] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Oh, absolutely.
the authors went out of their way to be clever and witty at any possible turn,
and I like that.

[14:18] Junie Ginsburg: Yes, the chapter titles set the tone
really well.

 [14:18] Vernden
Jervil: I wasn’t sure about Brooks at first, but was glad he turned out to be
more than a foil by the end of the novel

 [14:19] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): There’s a lot to Books that’s only hinted at in this book

[14:19] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *whispers* Books
not Brooks. You are thinking of Mel. *ducks*

[14:19] Vernden Jervil whispers: the sequel actually starts
to explain a lot more of him

[14:20] Sera (serafina.puchkina): oh good

[14:20] Vernden Jervil: Yes he does prove to be rather
talented by the end of everything

[14:20] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yep, he’s an
onion and we’ve only peeled a few of the layers. I really do need to get into
the second book.

[14:20] Sera (serafina.puchkina): ditto

 [14:20] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): His aversion to guns being the top mystery with

[14:20] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): But in the end,
that provided one of the funniest scenes, for my mental imagery.

 [14:21] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Remind me

[14:21] Vernden Jervil: especially combined with his almost
frightening talent for actually using guns

[14:21] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Eliza shooting
for him, while distracting others from what she’s doing

[14:20] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): But in the end,
that provided one of the funniest scenes, for my mental imagery.

[14:21] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Remind me

[14:21] Vernden Jervil: especially combined with his almost
frightening talent for actually using guns

[14:21] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Eliza shooting
for him, while distracting others from what shes doing

 [14:22] Vernden
Jervil: that was a lot of fun “nice shot dear”

[14:23] Sera (serafina.puchkina): So is he really inept or
is it something from his past? Can he really shoot but prefers not to?

[14:23] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): It almost
bordered on sitcom-humor, but teetered on the edge of that in full control.

 [14:23] Junie
Ginsburg: That’s something I noticed…. very tongue in cheek.

[14:23] Sera (serafina.puchkina): That was a great bit

 [14:23] Vernden
Jervil: He shoots quite well, actually exceptional, he just doesn’t like to

[14:23] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I don’t believe
he’s inept at anything really. But doesn’t or won’t be very forthcoming.

[14:24] Sera (serafina.puchkina): He scared himself and
Eliza at how easily he channeled his father

[14:25] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yes. and that’s
very telling.

 [14:26] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Eliza had surprises too. The first time we step into
her apartments. Did anyone expect them to be so plush?

[14:26] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Not me!

[14:26] Vernden Jervil: That was impressive, and Alice was a
bit of a suprise

[14:26] Junie Ginsburg: That was a big surprise.

[14:26] Junie Ginsburg: Also, her command of Latin.

[14:26] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yes! Alice was a

[14:27] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I have a
weakness for quirky servants, I admit.

 [14:27] Vernden
Jervil: Robin incoming

 [14:27] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): I liked how the mechanical bits were threaded through the
book. Way more than the airship and cogs stuck in here and there

[14:28] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Welcome Robin

[14:28] Robin Sprocket: Rezzedy rez

[14:28] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Ahoy Robin!
Ceejay is stuck in some sort of unrezzable purgatory right now so I’m

 [14:28] Vernden
Jervil: I do agree, often steampunk fiction has forced mechanical bits; almost
like gluing gears on it :)

[14:28] Robin Sprocket: Hee

 [14:29] Junie
Ginsburg: Hey, Robin!

[14:29] Robin Sprocket: :)

[14:29] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yep – some books
insist that EVERY object in them be steampowered, brass and dripping with cogs.
It’s nice when items happen naturally and in the right places.

[14:30] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I recently
finished a book that had steam powered everything and a very brilliant girl who
could build anything AND inject magic into the items too (don’t ask). Yet she
was a complete wimp at dealing with natural things. Really was skewed badly.
Balance in a book is necessary – and we had that, I think.

 [14:31] Robin
Sprocket: The thing that seemed unlikely to me is that the “secret
society” was able to maintain that level of secrecy.

[14:31] Robin Sprocket: I suppose it’s a necessary plot

[14:32] Sera (serafina.puchkina): that’s interesting, Robin.
I hadn’t thought about that

[14:32] Vernden Jervil: Well they didn’t do all that great a
job of being secret, couldn’t hold a party without dragging along two spies and
two reporters

[14:32] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *nod* Still,
you’d think the locals would have noticed construction or building supplies
being a bit much, as it was constructed. Along with needed supplies for the

 [14:32] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): ‘bots being built.

[14:32] Robin Sprocket: yeah, seems the cat mighta been out
of the bag already!

[14:33] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I do chuckle at
Huge Seekret Forts being built but no one notices the mass of supplies needed
to do it.

[14:33] Vernden Jervil: It’s like the babbage docks, big
trucks come through and we all just assume Vic is having one of those days :)

[14:34] Sera (serafina.puchkina): *chuckles*

 [14:34] Junie
Ginsburg: Hah!

[14:34] Robin Sprocket: The House of Usher seemed a little
oblivious too.

[14:34] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *cackles* So,
Mornington Construction Syndrome is now a part of storytelling.

[14:35] Robin Sprocket: Wasn’t sure what their part was in
the story.

[14:35] Vernden Jervil: I am not 100% sure what the house of
usher does, only that they seem to be bad

[14:35] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Cool name for an evil

[14:35] Robin Sprocket: That seemed undeveloped

 [14:35] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Could be groundwork for future tales?

[14:35] Robin Sprocket: Or a tie into the past

 [14:35] Robin
Sprocket: But that wasn’t made clear.

[14:36] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): yes! One can
hope. Otherwise, yes, they aren’t a clear concept

[14:36] Robin Sprocket: Interesting that the rider from the
House showed up during the cab chase

[14:36] Vernden Jervil: Cab chases get so complex when
multiple sides are involved [14:36] Robin Sprocket: So they had some inkling of
what was going on.

[14:37] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Must have.

[14:37] Robin Sprocket: But they didn’t really do much about

 [14:37] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Made for some good action, but why?

[14:37] Robin Sprocket: They seemed to be most concerned
with tracking down the assasin.

[14:38] Vernden Jervil: It seems that Usher wants the
details of Brook’s difference engine, but not completely clear on that

[14:38] Robin Sprocket: Yes.

[14:38] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): He’s programmed
the hell out of that thing.

[14:38] Robin Sprocket: I would have liked to have seen them
having a bone to pick with the Phoenix society

[14:39] Robin Sprocket: Just to add another level of

[14:39] Sera (serafina.puchkina): So there are 3 evil
societies in the book? House of Usher, Phoenix, and the secret society at the

 [14:39] Vernden
Jervil: Well see they were going to show up, but it sank into the swamp too

[14:39] Vernden Jervil: :)

[14:39] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): That could have
been exciting. I do really wonder what’s in the writer’s minds about these various

 [14:39] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay) kicks Vernden.

[14:40] Vernden Jervil: My understanding is that Pheonix was
a smaller part of a larger organization

 [14:40] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): And will there be a smackdown of the evil societies at
some future date?

 [14:40] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): oh okay

[14:40] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I’m thinking in
this universe, you HAVE to have evil societies to always be dealing with.

 [14:41] Robin
Sprocket: So many posibilities. Seemed like we don’t get to know more than the
main characters….

[14:41] Robin Sprocket: BUT I have a sneaking suspicion Dr.
sound knows more than he lets on!

[14:41] Vernden Jervil: and the bigger society basically cut
phoenix loose after the disaster at the end of the book

[14:41] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): So, did everyone
catch the character names pulled from other realities?

 [14:41] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): No!

 [14:41] Vernden
Jervil: I did, at least some of them

[14:41] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I know he does,
Robin! They only let us see bits.

[14:42] Junie Ginsburg: A few

 [14:42] Vernden
Jervil: agent Bruce Campell was rather obvious

 [14:42] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Agent Bruce Campbell, ladies man.

[14:42] Junie Ginsburg laughs

[14:42] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Hee, yes!

[14:42] Robin Sprocket: that’s him!

 [14:42] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): And also Barnabus and Angelique Collins.

[14:42] Sera (serafina.puchkina): *slaps her forehead*

 [14:42] Robin
Sprocket: Dark shadows?

 [14:42] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Exactly, Robin.

[14:42] Robin Sprocket: I wondered about that

 [14:42] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): IF there were more, I didn’t catch them.

[14:43] Junie Ginsburg: I also liked how the main
characters’ names were a play on “brains and brawn”

 [14:43] Robin
Sprocket: LOL

[14:43] Sera (serafina.puchkina): *slaps her forehead again*

 [14:43] Robin
Sprocket: True now that you mention it

 [14:43] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): I totally missed it

[14:43] Robin Sprocket: Hee

[14:43] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I caught that,
actually! *is proud*

[14:44] Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****

[14:44] Sera (serafina.puchkina): *laughs*

[14:44] Junie Ginsburg grins

 [14:44] Robin
Sprocket: Well, I hope to see some of these things addressed in future

 [14:45] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Was the story plotted logically? Did it make sense as how
it unfolded?

 [14:45] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I hope we get a good number of future
installments, really.

 [14:45] Robin
Sprocket: The leads they had were rather thin.

[14:46] Robin Sprocket: But a good construction.

[14:46] Vernden Jervil: It seemed to, the 2nd novel start to
explain more of the history of Brooks and Braun, and the big creepy guy is
still in the shadows plotting…something

[14:46] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *ponders the
question* By the end, the story seemed logically laid out. As I was reading, I
would fall into each new situation head first and puzzle my way out of it. I
couldn’t predict where we were going.

[14:46] Robin Sprocket: :)

 [14:46] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): the tone of the book changed as it progressed
too. Started rather light and sassy-silly, and was decidedly dark by the end

[14:47] Robin Sprocket: A rollicking tale. Good villains.

[14:47] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I rather enjoyed
any scene that took place in a drinking establishment.

[14:47] Robin Sprocket: With the nurse?

[14:47] Vernden Jervil: I did like that they smacked down a
couple villains, and left a few still out and about

 [14:48] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *remembers the nurse, nods*

[14:48] Robin Sprocket: Rather in the Bond formula!

 [14:48] Vernden
Jervil: the nurse, and the night of just getting drunk

[14:48] Robin Sprocket: Dr. Evil might come back……

 [14:48] Robin
Sprocket: LOL

[14:48] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): the total drunken
bit, with subsequent passing out and later hangovers, was all HEAPS of fun and
I am glad I’ve never been that far gone.

[14:49] Junie Ginsburg clears her throat

 [14:49] Robin
Sprocket: I want Books’ hangover remedy

 [14:49] Junie
Ginsburg: I loved that whole section

 [14:49] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): I confess to enjoying the sexy parts. Just enough to
giggle but still pg-ish

 [14:49] Vernden
Jervil: A lot of the novel reminded me of Bond, the organization we only get a
glimpse of gave me memories of SPECTER

 [14:49] Robin
Sprocket: Building a little sexual tension

[14:50] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): More than just a
little. hee.

 [14:50] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I was also reminded of The Avengers.

[14:50] Robin Sprocket: There’s still more to know about
Books and his father

[14:50] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I was also
reminded of The Avengers.

[14:50] Robin Sprocket: There’s still more to know about
Books and his father

[14:50] Robin Sprocket: A lot was alluded to.

 [14:50] Vernden
Jervil: they explain a lot of Brooks and dad in #2

[14:51] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay) re-steals Vernden’s

[14:51] Robin Sprocket: And his military past might be a
story in itself!

[14:51] Vernden Jervil grumbles

[14:52] Sera (serafina.puchkina): A lot more to Books, than
what we saw, for sure

[14:52] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay) points around the
room “Get another copy, Vernden”

[14:52] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Adn I’m sure
more to Eliza too, though we were set up to focus on Books with our curiosity.

[14:52] Robin Sprocket: Yes, more is revealed of Braun’s
suffragette past as well.

[14:53] Sera (serafina.puchkina): I enjoyed her character!
Wish I were more like her

[14:53] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Sera’s new role

 [14:53] Robin
Sprocket: I think it’s going to take about 3 more books to answer all these

[14:53] Sera (serafina.puchkina) grins

 [14:54] Vernden
Jervil: I do wonder if Brooks will ever find out she was not sent to rescue him

[14:54] Robin Sprocket: Hee

[14:54] Robin Sprocket: A good question!

 [14:54] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): I could see that coming out in the middle of an
argument, effectively grinding all arguing to a halt [14:55] Robin Sprocket:
That could do it!

 [14:55] Junie
Ginsburg: That could cause quite a bit of a crisis for Books

 [14:55] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Followed by instant regret.

 [14:56] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Any ideas on what Doctor Sound is doing in his secret
room, off the archives?

[14:57] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Inventing decaffeinated

 [14:57] Robin
Sprocket: ahhhh! That’s the truly big question!

 [14:57] Junie
Ginsburg gasps

 [14:57] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): EVIL

[14:57] Sera (serafina.puchkina): *chuckles*

 [14:57] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Seriously, I haven’t a clue!

 [14:57] Robin
Sprocket: Dr. Sound may be aware of the plotting against him.

[14:58] Robin Sprocket: Or maybe not?

[14:58] Vernden Jervil: not a clue, although they do revisit
the room in #2

 [14:58] Robin
Sprocket: My guess is he does!

 [14:58] Junie
Ginsburg: Did anyone else get an X-Files vibe about the Archives and the
“never solved” cases?

 [14:58] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Either direction would take us into a tale in
itself, but I suspect he knows.

 [14:59] Vernden
Jervil: I do see the similarity Junie

[14:59] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): hee. Having
never been into X-Files (right, shun me now), those cases reminded me more of
Homicide Life on the Streets.

[14:59] Robin Sprocket: D Would like to read what’s in that

[14:59] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Yes, Junie!

[15:00] Robin Sprocket: Shaka’s amulet seemed a funny thing
to leave unsecured to me.

[15:00] Robin Sprocket: I’d have it in a vault!

[15:00] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Good point

[15:00] Vernden Jervil: what does this button do?

 [15:00] Vernden
Jervil: :)

 [15:00] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Well, the archives sorta are one big safekeeping
place. Unless you happen to be a clay pot

[15:00] Robin Sprocket: What other dangerous trinkets are
laying about?

 [15:00] Robin
Sprocket: LOL

 [15:01] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): dun dun dun!

[15:01] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Ark of the
Covenant is in Aisle three, row four.

 [15:01] Junie
Ginsburg: It’s a storage unit for every plot device ever needed.

[15:01] Junie Ginsburg: ;-)

[15:01] Robin Sprocket: ha ha!!!

[15:01] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): on the nose,

[15:01] Robin Sprocket: Part of the fun really!

[15:02] Robin Sprocket: Better than gramma’s attic!

[15:02] Junie Ginsburg: I could see it easily taking on a
“deux ex machina” role though if the authors aren’t careful.

[15:03] Vernden Jervil: they don’t really use it too much
though, at least not as yet

[15:03] Robin Sprocket: Sort of being a character in itself?

[15:03] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): they can use it
more, I think. They’ve filled England with a lot of interesting people and
locations, so I say mix it up.

[15:03] Junie Ginsburg: Well, as in, the solution to every
problem could be found there. Not that they necessarily *are*, but conceivably
could be.

 [15:03] Vernden
Jervil: just what we need a hoarding storage unit ” no not for you!”

[15:04] Robin Sprocket: I found it interesting that Lord
What’shisname wanted to integrate the Ministry into intelligence

 [15:04] Robin
Sprocket: Not an unworthy goal, but he seems to have ulterior motives.

 [15:04] Vernden
Jervil: Sussex?

 [15:04] Robin
Sprocket: Aye

[15:05] Sera (serafina.puchkina): And when will Agent
Campbell screw up? As he no doubt will.

[15:05] Robin Sprocket: Hee

[15:05] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): His downfall
will be a rich widow, I’m sure.

 [15:05] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): or a mojito.

 [15:05] Robin
Sprocket: And when will he receive his ass kicking by agent Braun?

[15:05] Junie Ginsburg: A mojito…

[15:05] Robin Sprocket: Hee he

[15:05] Junie Ginsburg laughs

[15:05] Vernden Jervil: yeah minor spoiler Sussex is the man
in the shadows attempt to disable the ministry without getting his hands dirty

[15:06] Sera (serafina.puchkina): okay


[15:06] Junie Ginsburg: (I’m afraid I’m going to have to
dash, everyone. Thanks so much for hosting this again, Sera!)

[15:06] Robin Sprocket: Yes, the mystery is his motives

[15:07] Vernden Jervil: bye Junie!

[15:07] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): (good to see you

 [15:07] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Thanks for coming!

[15:07] Junie Ginsburg smiles and waves

 [15:07] Junie
Ginsburg: Bye, all! [15:07] Robin Sprocket: :)

 [15:07] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Anything we missed here?

 [15:08] Robin
Sprocket: Probably!

[15:08] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Thinking,
thinking…… I’d like to meet their version of Q.

[15:08] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): That corset is a
work of art!

 [15:08] Robin
Sprocket: The Clankertons!!!

 [15:08] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): I would love that corset

 [15:08] Vernden
Jervil: They do make allusions to a tech department of some sort, very Q like

 [15:08] Robin
Sprocket: Books seems like he is their equal.

 [15:08] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): The metal men. Sophia. The tech department.

[15:09] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yes! I would
enjoy getting into the tech department more. I really do hope they keep this
series going a while, there’s so much that can be tapped into

 [15:09] Vernden
Jervil: I did see while peeking around online that #3 in the series is
scheduled for this November release

[15:09] Robin Sprocket: A Q scene would be brill!

[15:10] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Oh, there’s also
the Sherlock Holmes homage, with the urchin children.

[15:10] Robin Sprocket: Just an aside, if you enjoy Books
and Braun, you might like Newberry and Hobbes

 [15:10] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Agreed. I liked that there’s lots of potential in this
series. They laid a good foundation that they can go almost anywhere in their

[15:10] Robin Sprocket: The ministry 7

[15:10] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Thanks Robin. I will check
that out

[15:10] Vernden Jervil: prefers Calvin and Hobbes but ok

[15:11] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): *notes robins
title recommendation*

[15:11] Robin Sprocket: The first one of those is Affinity
Bridge, i think

 [15:11] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Before you all have to go, the next book will be Peshawar
Lancers by S M Stirling

[15:12] Robin Sprocket: That sounds different!

[15:12] Sera (serafina.puchkina): that title came in 2nd in
the voting. I will post more on the ning

 [15:12] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Well, I need to order the second book in the
Ministry series, so I can get that too!

[15:12] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Amazon loves me

 [15:12] Robin
Sprocket: Just a clue, what is a Peshawar?

[15:13] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Bless you.

 [15:13] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): no idea

[15:13] Robin Sprocket: LOL

[15:13] Robin Sprocket: Sounds like some Indian thing

[15:13] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): It does.

 [15:13] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): May 25 would keep us on the same Saturday, but that’s a US
holiday weekend, so what about May 11? A Saturday?

[15:14] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): May 11 for me is
better, is it okay with others?

[15:15] Vernden Jervil: It is as good as any day (scheduling
so far out is always dicey for me)

 [15:16] Vernden
Jervil: oh something I found for anyone interested:

 [15:16] Miss
Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Yay!

 [15:16] Robin
Sprocket: Oh, neat Vern!

[15:17] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): That’s a very
fun site to prowl through

[15:17] Robin Sprocket: Fabboo!

 [15:17] Sera
(serafina.puchkina): Thank you all for coming! So glad you were able to be

 [15:18] Robin
Sprocket: Gld I didn’t miss it!

[15:18] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): Very pleasant
company, I enjoyed this! [15:18] Vernden Jervil: me too, I greatly enjoyed
reading this one

[15:18] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Yes, this is fun. Good
books, too.

[15:20] Vernden Jervil: Also Ceejay found a steam video with
the authors of this novel among others

[15:20] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay):

[15:21] Miss Chevious Littlething (ceejay): About 5ish
minutes long, that vid, so watch it when you have time.

[15:21] Sera (serafina.puchkina): Will watch the video for



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