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Phantom Floors and Things That Go Bump in My Shop

I honestly think there must be gremlins living in the baseboards at the Bucket of Blood.  Just the other night, I was wandering around half asleep when my foot went through a floorboard, and I ended up splayed on the floor of the pub below.

Luckily, I was only a bit shaken, and hadn’t landed on anyone that I know of. . .though it might explain the splotch under me, and the sudden disappearance of that little Pip character that used to hang around the place.  There was no noise, apart from me crashing through the beams and performing that belly flop on the floor.

The good news is I have figured out where that Squerlunkle noise is coming from; the pipes over my shop appear to be possessed.  Perhaps I’ll enlist the aid of a Priest to perform an exorcism one of these days.  At the moment, it provides me with a soundtrack as I stitch my clothing.

Speaking of which:

Victorian Brocade - New Suit from Avatar Bizarre

Avatar Bizarre
is proud to present another suit in a wide array of Victorian and
Steampunk attire.  This suit is versatile and stylish, with a variety
of different combinations to create the look you desire.  It’s available over the Bucket of Blood, and also in the main store in the far off land of Burmilla.

Victorian Brocade comes with long pants and sculpted cuffs,
knickerbockers and cuffs, stockings, shoes, tail coat and flexi tails,
waistcoat, shirt, coat collar, coat cuffs and separate shirt cuffs,
cravat and shirt collar, pocket watch, and a top hat.  This is the first in a planned range of colors. 

For spying purposes, please visit the Avatar Bizarre blog.

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