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Phaedra and the Fathers


Father Pizzaro and Father Moonwall paid a visit to Mrs. Underby in Clockhaven…


[16:24]  Phaedra Underby: Ahh, good evening Fathers.

[16:24]  Father Moonwall: Mrs. Underby.

[16:24]  Father Pizzaro: Good evening.

[16:24]  Phaedra Underby: May I help you?

[16:24]  Father Pizzaro smiles.

[16:25]  Father Moonwall: Might we have a few words with you?

[16:25]  Phaedra Underby: Certainly.

[16:25]  Phaedra Underby: Did you, ah, wish to come in?

[16:25]  Father Pizzaro: You are too kind.

[16:26]  Phaedra Underby: Do come in, then.

[16:27]  Phaedra Underby: Do come upstairs, would either of you care for tea or coffee perhaps? I could send over to the pub…

[16:27]  Father Moonwall: If you must send out, do not bother on my account

[16:28]  Father Moonwall stares at the small trunk

[16:28]  Father Pizzaro: I see you have an interest in botany.

[16:28]  Phaedra Underby nods

[16:28]  Father Moonwall: And an affection for miniature furniture.

[16:28]  Phaedra Underby: I studied under a midwife in New Toulouse who was a great admirer of the natural world.

[16:29]  Father Pizzaro: I see.

[16:29]  Father Moonwall sniffs the bowl by the fire

[16:30]  Phaedra Underby: Did you want some porridge, Father Moonwall? I was just about to eat mine, but you may have it if you wish.

[16:30]  Father Moonwall: You eat your porridge from a child’s bowl, do you?

[16:30]  Father Moonwall: Sitting on a miniature stool, eh?

[16:31]  Phaedra Underby smirks, “It is a birthing stool, Father.”

[16:31]  Phaedra Underby: As I said, I studied under a midwife for some time, the stools are low to the ground to facilitate a more natural pose for birth

[16:31]  Phaedra Underby: and the bowl, I think you’ll find, is quite a typical size.

[16:31]  Father Moonwall frowns

[16:31]  Father Moonwall: Mrs Underby, I shan’t beat about the bush.

[16:32]  Phaedra Underby: Oh no, father? how dissapointing.

[16:32]  Father Moonwall: We have reason to believe you are harbouring the criminal, Pip.

[16:32]  Phaedra Underby: Pardon me, Father, but did your church not bury Pip?

[16:32]  Father Moonwall: We did.

[16:33]  Father Moonwall: The grave is now filled with shreds of what appears to be tree bark.

[16:33]  Phaedra Underby: You are implying that I have stolen a corpse?

[16:33]  Father Moonwall: I am not implying, miss, I am stating outright.

[16:34]  Phaedra Underby gestures to her house, “You are free to look at will, Father, but you will find no corpses here.”

[16:36]  Father Moonwall: Might I look in that trunk?

[16:36]  Phaedra Underby: Certainly. Though only if you promise to handle the contents with care.

[16:37]  Father Moonwall clicks open the trunk

[16:37]  Father Moonwall: Hmmf.

[16:38]  Phaedra Underby: You may search my drawers as well, Father, if it will put your mind at ease.

[16:38]  Father Moonwall glares at the woman

[16:39]  Father Pizzaro raises an eyebrow at Father Moonwall

[16:39]  Phaedra Underby gestures to the little bedside tables, “Those, I meant.”

[16:41]  Phaedra Underby: YOu don’t mind if I sit do you, gentlemen? I’ve been unwell of late.

[16:42]  Father Moonwall: Mrs. Underby, you may imagine us as doddering old fools, but you would be wise to re-access your judgements.

[16:42]  Phaedra Underby: I’ve never thought anything of the sort, Father Moonwall.

[16:42]  Father Moonwall: We have more eyes than just our brothers and sisters.

[16:42]  Father Moonwall: You have been seen walking with the creature.

[16:43]  Phaedra Underby: Are you implying, father, that I have raised the dead?

[16:43]  Phaedra Underby smiles.

[16:43]  Father Moonwall: Since it was not alive, how might it be said to be dead?

[16:44]  Phaedra Underby: Ah, so what you are really implying is that I am, what, some sort of powerful sorceress who has brought the creature back to something resembling life?

[16:45]  Phaedra Underby smiles slightly.

[16:45]  Father Moonwall: I suspect the thing is a construct, and not alive or dead. But we did not get a chance to examine the creature, so how might we know?

[16:45]  Phaedra Underby: Forgive me, Father, but if you believe that, what are you doing in my house?

[16:46]  Father Moonwall: I care not whether it is alive or dead

[16:47]  Phaedra Underby: Look around you, fathers, do you see Pip?

[16:47]  Father Moonwall: No.

[16:47]  Father Moonwall: Neither did I ever see Pip at the Bucket of Blood.

[16:48]  Father Moonwall: Perhaps it is running an errand for you at this very moment. Causing another person to lose an eye or leg…

[16:48]  Phaedra Underby: Fathers, I do not wish to be presumptuous, but perhaps whomever sent you this….information….was merely causing trouble.

[16:49]  Father Moonwall: That may or may not be, but only a full investigation will prove one way or another. Is that what you wish?

[16:49]  Phaedra Underby: You have seen the extent of my house, how much further an investigation do you wish to conduct?

[16:49]  Father Moonwall smiles

[16:50]  Father Moonwall: Oh it can be much much more thorough.

[16:50]  Father Pizzaro smiles benevolently

[16:50]  Phaedra Underby yawns.

[16:50]  Father Moonwall: Your tone is flip, as they all are… at first.

[16:51]  Phaedra Underby: Fathers, I have lived in New Babbage for over a year, and I have seen the extent of your power within this city.

[16:51]  Father Moonwall: Ohh? Do you really suspect so?

[16:52]  Phaedra Underby: Taking Pip in for ‘investigation’ nearly got your church burned to the ground.

[16:52]  Father Moonwall: Oh nonsense.  The church is stone.

[16:52]  Phaedra Underby: I may not be loved, Fathers, but even I can see that if you so much as lay a finger on me there will be hell to pay.

[16:52]  Father Moonwall chuckles.

[16:53]  Father Moonwall: Do you know any of the history of Babbage miss?

[16:53]  Father Moonwall: Witch huntings are practically a national sport.

[16:53]  Phaedra Underby: WERE practically a national sport

[16:53]  Father Moonwall: We shall see.

[16:53]  Phaedra Underby chuckles.

[16:53]  Father Pizzaro smiles benevolently

[16:54]  Phaedra Underby: You probably imagine you stil have the clockwinder under thumb as well.

[16:54]  Father Pizzaro: What makes you say such?

[16:55]  Phaedra Underby: Because I have seen him in the company of my late husband and I happen to have seen my careless husband’s signature on some papers being handled on behalf of the Mayor.

[16:55]  Father Moonwall: We will deal with your ex-husband as well.

[16:55]  Father Moonwall: He is not unknown to us.

[16:56]  Phaedra Underby chuckles, “But first, I suppose, you’ll need to deal with me.”

[16:56]  Father Moonwall: I have made the Pip affair my personal interest, Mrs Underby.

[16:56]  Phaedra Underby: Please do father, but also understand that if I am what you are implying. It would be unwise to raise my temper.

[16:57]  Father Moonwall snorts.

[16:57]  Father Moonwall: Your kind’s time has long since passed.

[16:57]  Phaedra Underby: Oh no, Father, our time is comming. Your time, I think you will find, is comming to an end. Look around your city, rife with superstition.

[16:58]  Father Moonwall inclines his head

[16:58]  Father Moonwall: Again, we shall see.  I hope your optimism serves you well.  For your sake.

[16:58]  Phaedra Underby chuckles

[16:58]  Phaedra Underby: Are you quite done attempting to intimindate me? my porridge is getting cold.

[16:59]  Father Pizzaro: I have seen enough.

[16:59]  Father Moonwall: As have I.  Good day Mrs Underby.  We shall see you again, soon enough

[16:59]  Father Pizzaro: Good evening, Mrs. Underby.

[16:59]  Phaedra Underby: Do be sure you don’t let the dog out.

[16:59]  Father Pizzaro: We can find our way out.

[16:59]  Father Moonwall looks at the small dog.

[16:59]  Father Moonwall: I know who you are, sonny-jim. Your time will come.

[17:00]  Phaedra Underby laughs

[17:00]  Father Moonwall: She will rue that insolence.

[17:00]  Father Pizzaro: Perhaps an you should put in an appointment with the Blue Sparrow before seeing her again, Ora.  They are very discreet.

[17:00]  Father Moonwall nods

[17:01]  Father Moonwall: Very wise, Juris. Come, let us take in the view of the ships.


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  1. Phaedra Underby Phaedra Underby June 8, 2011

    *smiles* Better luck next time, boys. 

    • Father Moonwall Father Moonwall June 8, 2011

      That was mere prologue, Mrs. Underby.

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 8, 2011

    The Fathers searching Mussis Underby’s drawers……. there is nothing i can say, nothing!

    Still, worrying ter find out they’s still after Mr Pip, after all, they got im killed last time, an in a city with more than it’s share of mechanical people, raising who is people ain’t a good idea.  Ah well never mind, there’s kittens ter look after, voles ter catch an things ter listen to under open windows…. errr… not that last one, definatly, never do that me…

    • Father Moonwall Father Moonwall June 8, 2011

      You were under the impression I had changed my view since last summer?  How charmingly na├»ve.

  3. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos June 8, 2011

    Oh, goody.  Now I have the entire church clergy available for dissection.

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