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Personal Journal: This Changes Everything. (Dark Aether)

I don’t know whether to be relieved or not, now that I know I have not been seeing phantoms of my own imaginings. Father called us together, and Nap, and gave us an envelope of documents which the Mayor had gotten from the boy named Gadget. The Van Creed had a device that could bore through the walls of our universe, somehow. Or discussions since then have been on the nature of manifolds, and soap bubbles. I think the Device must detect a synchonous point on another image, then hold both static which creates the rift. Father has decided to evacuate, he is taking most of the students and my notebooks. If my model is correct, it won’t matter how far they go.

Napolter’s blunderbus is getting more effective with each experiment. Rounding up the crabs has become quite an productive exercise. The students are much more attentive to physical training when there is real risk of injury.

We had our last meal together last night. It is very quiet without the others.

I had a run in with that old knight with the Melniks, which gave us some insights on possible strategies against the invaders. He is a strange one, well spoken, but his symbolic system is consistantly primitive, which makes me think he could be exactly what he says. Every proof starts with an assumption, even if the assumption is to assume the opposite. I believe his goddess, Malkuth, is an anthomorphification of a universal manifold. I did inquire if he experienced her as a woman, but apparently it is merely a spiritual emotion he perceives.  Too bad. That would have been an interesting experiment.

I’ve taken some signal flares from the airship, that should be enough to ignite the magnesium that the machinist turned down to flakes. It should be an interesting evening.


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