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Personal Diary, December 1 – A Visit from Kane

I had a curious visit to my workshop this evening.  Mr. Kane Qork, the clockwork crow, approached me.  He has come for some light service work before.

But this time, he came bearing news.  

Whether his emergent routine which mimicked human emotional attachment has interfered with his function, or whether Marian Dragovar has selected another, he would not divulge to me, no matter how I questioned him for his motives.  Perhaps he felt it was more important for him to focus on protecting Babbage’s urchins, as it seems to be a hobby of his.

Whatever his reason, he asked me to delete the emergent behaviours which gave him an attachment to the female automaton.  He also asked me to erase the memories of the relationship as well, but I resisted and argued with him that it’s our memories, good and bad, that make up who we are and what we know.  So he relented and will retain the knowledge of the experience.

It seems that the wedding is off.


((For those who wish to react to this blog post, this is an IC matter with messy entanglements to RL events, or vice versa, but please consider this solely IC.))

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