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Personal Diary, 27 August

This evening was rather slow, so I went for a walk.  The city and its populace change so often these days, it’s usually nice to reacquaint myself.

I happened to become peckish, so I headed to the CocoaJava cafe’ for some cocoa and cake.

That was when I heard some noise from above.  Voices, and then clearer, giggles.  Someone was snogging on the rooftop.

Well, thought I, I’m no stranger to a bit of dropping of the eaves.  I noted a series of ladders had been established around the back of the building, leading from the ground level up several tiers to the rooftop space.

Quietly, I climbed up as far as I could without being seen, to catch a glimpse of the unsuspecting lovebirds.  I almost fell off the ladder when I saw who it was.

Stargirl Macbain, that conniving, self-important, vicious, er, you know…

…and Mr. Loosestrife!  I don’t have to tell you what I believe him to be, Diary.  I only would like to confirm it one of these days.

Curious, indeed.  Very curious.  Pieces have begun to move off the chessboard.

Perhaps I have been aiming at the wrong color king.  It’s time to go speak to the black king again and see what power play the knight can make.


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