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Parables and sayings from the Book of The Builder

Some sayings of the Builder that were passed on to me by Father Reitsuki Kojima:

The Builder. Beginning and ending. The judge, the father, the teacher, the confessor, the healer and the destroyer.

The three sacraments. The blacksmith’s hammer, the forge fire, the tempering water.
The book itself is the fourth sacrement, the codex of wisdom passed on from the Builder to His children.

Book of the Builder, book one, verses one and two.
When I was cold, thou taught of hearth and roof-beam. When I was hungry, thou taught of pot and cauldron. When I was beset by foes, thoug taught of spear and shield. Thy hammer pounds the nail, holds the roof-beam. Thy hammer strikes the iron, shapes the cauldron. Thy hammer in my hand, Unto my foes.

Parable 141:  When the Builder came amongst his children and asked “Who is it that hath spoilt this work?” then didst his errant son answer “I do not know”. Then didst the Builder cast down his son and smite him with his hammer. For is it not known that a mistake may be mastered, but a lie lasteth forever on the tongue?”

Book of the Builder 1:4-2
A house built without a foundation will not stand. So too will a man without nourishment fall before the challenges of life.

Book of the Builder 3:11
The smallest of man is still a child of the Builder
The greatest man is still achild of the Builder.
The great man who cannot help the smallest man is no man at all.

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