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Out for a cruise

Patrol log, NBS Barracuda

Left Port Babbage, proceeded to rendezvous with sub tender NBS Respite in international waters.

Enetered target waters through Caledon Sound.  Proceeded due west, transiting Lionsgate, Spierling, Middlesea, and Cafall.  Turned N and transited Morgaine, Brigadoon and Cape Wrath.  Crossed into Winterfell.  Proceeded N through Laudanum and Eventide.  Photographed fleet at anchor. Proceeded to Winterfell proper, then turned ESE to Harbor, then S to Anodyne. Transit S through Absinthe.  Be advised that channel back to Cape Wrath from this location is very shallow and may not be idea for submarine operations.

Operation was performed without surface contacts.





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