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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – Chapter 8

30 October, 188~

Last night had been an awakening for Orpheus. He awoke this morning with renewed vim and vigour. He went into his library to look at that journal he had been avoiding for days. He sat and read….

Hours later he put the book down, mind racing over what he had just read. Somehow, while he had been trapped those many months ago, there had in fact been a doppelganger running around pretending to be him. This second Angkarn had thought he was the real one, and kept journals as such. There were many fascinating entries, but one stood out. An entry from [url=]August of this year[/url] had been partially torn out, but Orpheus found it as if  he remembered hiding it himself. The torn out page described a glowing crack forming in the underground cavern right before “Orpheus” had escaped through a peculiar door. “Could this be one of those cracks like I’ve heard rumours about?” thought Mr. Angkarn.

Feeling the need to investigate some more, he put on his bowler and cloak (he had gotten bored with the Stetson, as Stetsons really aren’t that cool) and went for a walk. The sun was going down when he discovered one of the machines. He had heard they changed after dark and he was determined to witness the change. As the sun lowered towards the horizon Orpheus heard the painful screams from within, and his hands began to spark once again. Despite his discomfort, he stayed put.


Orpheus waited by the water’s edge watching the machine, waiting for it to do something besides scream at him. Nothing happened. Still he waited. Finally in the dark of night he noticed it begin to glow brightly. In the glow, Orpheus could make out a strange mist leaking out of the machine. “This must be the ‘Dark Aether’ they mentioned in the book,” he muttered.



Despite the increased activity, the machine refused to shed its metal exterior and reveal the horrid beast within. “Perhaps I can help it along,” thought Orpheus. He began to pull the small sonic device he always carried out of his pocket when…


The sound of a thousand lightening strikes erupted. Orpheus was temporarily blinded. When the swirling colors faded from view, he looked around. On the wall behind the machine, where once a solid brick wall stood, now a glowing crack was quite visible.


Orpheus drew in a gasp of air, surprised. “It is just as they said. He scanned it quickly, but a glance at the device revealed it to be quite complex and in need of a proper analysis back on the Tardis. As he stood there, ready to be done with this place, he felt his hands tingle stronger than they had ever tingled so far. If being near the machines increased the occurance of his electric bursts, he didn’t want to know what effect this newly formed crack would have. He ran off to analyze his readings. “That does it, I am going to Victor as soon as I am able!” he panted as he ran.


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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn November 1, 2011

    Orpheus realized after he had run quite a while that he had gotten turned around in the darkness. As he gathered his bearings he realized he was once again outside City Hall. “Well, while I’m here I may as well check on the Writer.” He walked inside and began to read the pages. Quite a lot had been added since his last visit.

    “Oh dear, that’s not good…” he said.

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 1, 2011

    These cracks are getting out of control! I have sent a warning to Mr Mornington, I just hope we can do something before this gets out of hand.

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