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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – Chapter 3

Monday Afternoon

Mr. Angkarn was walking through The Academy, stopping at each house he came across. He approached the residence of Miss Junie Ginsburg and knocked on the door.

“Hello? Anyone home?” he asked.

“Come in Mr. Angkarn. Jed and I are upstairs,” replied the homeowner.

Orpheus let himself inside and joined the ladies, who promptly offered him a seat and a drink.


“What brings you to Academy tonight?” asked Miss Ginsburg.

“Just doing a neighborhood watch. With Moriarty back in town, you can’t be too careful.”

“Ah. I don’t know the fellow,” she replied.

Miss Dagger and Mr. Angkarn began to recount the incidents that occurred last year for Miss Ginsburg.

Orpheus asked, “This may seem a random question, but have either of you noticed any strange cracks forming in the walls lately?”

“Not beyond the usual,” replied Miss Ginsburg.

“That is good news.”

“Indeed. I don’t like to pay for plaster, and the wallpaper is a pain to obtain.”

“I fear it goes beyond simple appearances at this point,” replied Mr. Angkarn. “Time itself is in danger!”

Miss Ginsburg asked if had to do with the strange fellow at City Hall the other day, to which Orpheus replied that it did, although he could not explain how. All he knew was that New Babbage was teetering on the brink of destruction.

“You see, there is a set path through time that New Babbage is meant to follow, but right now forces are conspiring to tip the city into another path, and if they are successful, the events that the Writer has been writing about will come to pass,” he explained. “Like I said, however, I haven’t acquired any hard evidence.”

While Jed sat sleeping in her chair, Junie asked how Moriarty was involved. Orpheus explained that the book spoke of a man sparking electricity from his hands, and word on the street was that the Urchins had seen Moriarty do just that. “Of course, there aren’t many others in town who have that ability,” he continued.

Noticing what time it was, Miss Ginsburg explained she must go to bed. The friendly hostess showed Orpheus to the door. He thanked her kindly, and warned her to avoid any cracks. He then left to continue his watch. Miss Ginsburg reentered her home, unaware that at

that moment, a strange crack was forming outside her home.


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