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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – Chapter 16.5: The Week’s happenings

Orpheus slid into the empty booth at Loki’s, ordered his usual cocktail, and pulled out the blank journal he had made a habit of carrying. A lot had happened recently, and he needed to write.

Where to begin, where to begin…. Oh yes, of course. I recently stumbled upon a mystery tied quite closely to the Dark Aether. A member of the Van Creed was found hanging from a rope inside the Red Dragon Opium Den, near the Imperial. I was able to investigate it, and have just finished dropping off my findings to Militia HQ. The crabs are starting to venture farther from the canisters. Thankfully I had one of those Dapper Zappers; it works quite well at vaporizing the foul creatures.

Speaking of Dapper Zappers, I have been tinkering with mine, and it really is quite a technological wonder. I have been in need of a new Sonic Screwdriver, so I constructed a new one, but I incorporated the inner workings of the Dapper Zapper. I am the proud owner of a Sonic Zapper! Just as effective, but much more portable. I have had the opportunity to test it and it works quite well. I have also been able to finally locate the last of the canisters. I only wish I had found them early enough to maybe be more useful in stopping their dark aether production. At least I am able to warn others against approaching the things.


Orpheus put down his pencil and began to twirl the ring he was wearing. He knew it didn’t belong to him, but it was just such a nice ring. Surely no one would miss it. Without realizing it, he began to nod off and fall asleep in the booth. A few hours later, he awoke. Checking the time, he bolted out of the seat, grabbing his belongings and the ring. He made his way out of the bar and ran through the streets to the University, where a class he wanted to catch was beginning in a few minutes.


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