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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – Chapter 10 (Part 1)


Orpheus sat in his control room, giving thought to what had happened the past few days. It still felt as if a blur to him how so much could change so quickly. He didn’t even care about what had happened at Brunel Hall, that was insignificant compared to what he had discovered. It all started Saturday….

Things in town have been getting very stressful, what with the canister devices, Mr. Moriarty at large, Knights of the Malkuth walking our streets again, and people beginning to lose their wits about them; let us not even consider the knowledge of the City’s impending doom! I decided that I would take a break from the chaos and go for a nice morning swim.


I jumped in, not realizing just how cold the water was. It was actually quite refreshing. Anyways, as I floated beneath the surface, I became aware that there was something… moving down there.


I crawled out and made my way to the ship. A few minutes later I had changed out of my snorkeling gear and into some more substantial diving gear. I jumped back in, sinking slowly through the dark water. As I settled on the seabed I was aware once again of movement around me. Two forms came out of the darkness – Mers.


One was quite playful, but the other, a sorceress by the look of it, was more resentful of land dwellers. They taunted me when I asked about the events that have been occurring. They gave no care about the impending doom, thinking it would have no impact on their way of life. They also seemed upset that they had been directed to leave the body alone, wishing they could make a meal out of it. I asked about the body, which they grudgingly lead me to. I did a quick scan of it… male, human… no sign of identification. The skull was surgically opened and the brain removed. I haven’t seen anything so gruesome in a long time. Not even Mr. Burnside’s murder last year was this horrendous.


I knew that this evil is not confined to the surface. I tested my new remote homing device and the ship arrived quite quickly. I left the mermaids behind and carefully climbed inside. I decided to search the ocean for some kind of clue. I carefully piloted the ship into the Deep, leaving the body behind….


((To be continued….))

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