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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – A Personal Account (Part 1 – Warning Spoilers!)

Excerpts from the Journal of O. Angkarn

2 November, 188~

I have a few minutes to myself while the plates I took at the factory earlier are processed. I still can’t shake the feeling of doom I felt when I woke up this morning. I wish I could  remember what happened. One minute I was hiding in an abandoned factory and the next I was next to the canals. If I wasn’t careful, I could very well have become Wiggyfish food. After my  adventure, which I shall put in more detail later I ran into an elvish looking fellow from Steelhead named Loki. He had just arrived on this morning’s airship. I felt the need to warn him about the mist, as it has started to cause health concerns for many on the non-human New Babbage locals, myself included. I took my leave of him to come here and get the plates developed. I do hope he will be ok. He just arrived and has not had the exposure that others have had, but by now I’m sure this “Dark Aether”, or whatever it is, is becoming much more concentrated. It looks as though my plates are finished.

Orpheus pauses writing as the photo developer hands him the finished pictures. Orpheus takes the packet of photos and pays the man. He then leaves to return to the ship, glancing at the pictures as he walks.

I have returned to the ship now. These pictures will be very useful when I go to tell the Mayor and Miss Hienrichs about the present danger in the city. Let me start at the beginning; this investigation has revealed many alarming truths and I must not leave anything out.

Last night, I went to the abandoned factory behind Gadget’s freak store to investigate some rumours I had heard. After breaking in I saw a random document left behind. It looked as if it had been chewed on. My guess is either rats, or possibly some of the Urchins have already been here. I took a picture so that I didn’t disturb the potential crime scene.


I continued to the main factory floor…


where I discovered a large hole in the floor. The strange Aetheric mist was coming from deep in the hole.


At this point I hid from two men who came  inside, and the next thing I knew, it was morning and I was at the Canal. I made my way back to the factory and took the liberty of exploring the second floor. I noticed it appeared as if someone had drawn a crude map on one of the walls, but I haven’t  determined what the symbols mean.


Just past the map was a large meeting room with more documents lying around.




[img_assist|nid=3943|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=330]It is clear that whatever business was going on was halted abruptly, possibly due to whatever is below the building. I found two more rooms, also hastily  abandoned with notes lying around.


One indicated plans for some sort of weapons, which I suppose are to fight the creatures. What I found most disturbing was the sketches of horrible creatures like the ones described by the Writer. Someone in the Van Creed knows what is coming. I was also disturbed by the strange drawing someone made on the wall indicating some sort of Kraken perhaps?


It has three eyes and a gaping maw filled with sharp teeth, as well as many tentacles. The last room had plans for something called an Aether  Pump, as well as a portion of the Eliot Device, which has clearly been stolen from its normal display.


I intend on bringing this journal, as well as my  photographs to the authorities. It is quickly becoming more apparent that if future events are to be avoided, we must get all the help we can get now.

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