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Ornament and/or Present build contest! Dec 1-25

It’s that time of year again!   The mysterious “tree” has sprouted up in preparation for the solstice festivities, and it’s up to you to adorn it with trinkets and surround it it with items of worth!

The location this year, is the lovely Pennyfeather Park, located conveniently next door to City Hall.  I provide no lazy landmarks or SLURLs.  It’s a giant tree, you can’t miss it.

The rules, such as they are:

Create an ornament for the tree, or a present to put around it.   Each item must be no more than 30 prims.

You may enter more than once, but if we run low on prims, I will ask people with multiple entries to take some of theirs back.

I suggest, but don’t require, that you put your item up for sale so people can buy copies.

Objects must be set to the Engineers group.   If you are not a member, and still want to enter, I suggest you use some sort of cunning plan to get it out under the right group, such as buying land.

Prizes will be awarded based on creativity, skill, and charm.   If you want to show off, but not compete, feel free to note it in the description of your entry.

There will be a minimum 5000L prize pool.   This may increase if people donate goods, cash and services (hint, hint).

Questions?  Ask away!

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