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Open Doors at Underfall Yard – Pics

Today I visited Underfall Yard, which contains Brunel’s sluice system, 1880s hydraulic engine house (originally steam-powered, but converted to an electrical system in 1907), and the old boatworks. The workshops were full of sheer steam/victorian techpr0n.  More pics and some textures to follow, but I couldn’t resist a picspam ;)



Up until just a few months ago, the harbour’s locks and a nearby bridge were powered by the hydraulics below at verrrry high water pressures (a computer-controlled oil-based system is now in use.)

In the machine shop…machines were originally powered by steam engine and belt drive. Many of the 1880s tools are still in place. <3 (decent pics to follow when my friend sends me his set.)

 Need to borrow a hammer?

Remaining belt drive in the next workshop…

…powered by a steam engine that I was leaning around a corner to try and photograph.


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