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OOC: Earthquake – People in Virginia and DC Please Report

I’m sure everyone in Virginia already knows this, but there was an earthquake here today.  Just checking in to say everyone in the Gearbox family is accounted for.  We’ve got some cell phone disruption, but that’s about it.  I had the misfortune of being in an elevator when the shaking started.  I already didn’t like elevators.  I may never get in one again.  Also, just on the weird side – right before the earthquake started I suddenly felt really sick – extreme pressure in my head and nausea.  My boss reports a similar feeling.

Our washing machine at work shakes the whole first floor when it spins out, so that’s what everyone (except me because I was stuck in an elevator elsewhere) thought it was until they saw everyone in the building across the street come running outside.

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  1. Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio August 23, 2011

    The building shook, we ran down the stairs (I’m on the 7th floor), but nothing really happened. I have a coworker that lives a few miles from the epicenter who’s house was pretty beat up (twisted chimneys, walls seperated, everything came off the shelves and tvs flew).

    I’m sure that most everyone is alright. A strange occurrence for the region, but I think the greater disruption was the traffic and that the DC metro is running at 10mph with a 4 hour delay. Epicenter was near Mineral, VA with a reported magnitude of 5.9.

  2. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox August 23, 2011

    My brother apparently has some damage to his house.  When I got home I discovered some pictures had fallen off the walls, but that seems to be it.

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 27, 2011

    late to this, but my house in New York State shook pretty bad, fortunatly no damage despite the age


    I’ve heard it was felt up in Canada as well

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