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Omig marks new territory

midnight Port Babbage,
  the glow of a few pipes and the light from a single candle lantern was all that lit the warehouse on the docks,

 big Willy one Thumb sat on a crate and looked at the collection of cut throats, and foot pads that he called his gang, “here now, you’ve all heard the rumors, that that bitch rabbits taken over the port”

the old cut purse frog eyes blinked ” from what as Ive heard tis already done “

willy spat “over my dead body!” and a rough growly voice answered from the shadows ” i thought yer might say that mate’ just before the pistol ball turned Willys head into something you might find as left overs at a  buffet at the Bucket,

as the men in the room rose drawing an assortment of weapons, several bullseye lanterns were opened, and figures with lanterns and revolvers stepped out of the shadows
,frog eyes looked around and dropped his knife “wolves”

wearing a smirk a larger wolf Moreau walked into the center of the ring, a smoking pistol in his handpaw ” ar good eyes yer have there sir, them be wolves right enough, and ungry ones at that, so’s i suggest yer hear me out afore yer try te use them little toys yer ave in yer ands there,”

another thief looked up at the wolf in their midst “and what do ye want Omig, fer i know that be you”

omig waved his pistol in the air ” well give that man a prize fer being so observant, what i wan’t is yer undivided attention, right, the boss has officially annexed this part of the city as her territory, and you all will be working fer her”

another man looks at the ring of armed wolf Moreaus ” and we get no voice in this?”

Omig turned and faced the new voice ” why of course yer do, and we’ll even put it to a vote, after i tells yer what the boss wants from yer ” the wolf holstered his pistol and smiled” here be the long and short of it, yer te pay the boss ten percent of yer total take weekly, and in return yer get her protection in case another gang trys ter take over yer normal territory,and if yer don’t like it yer free to move onto other parts of the city that are not under syndicate control, good and simple that is”

another man spoke up ” so thats it, we comply or we leave?”

omig waved his paw in a dismissive gesture ” that be it, yer tows the line or yer move on, now lets put it to that vote”

the men looked around at each other and at the ring of armed wolves, the wolf leader spoke up ” now how many fer compliance?” and fourteen hands rose

Omig looked around ” good, good, and how many apposed?”

three men raised they’re hands and before they fell again, three wolves leaped forward and ripped their throats out, and left them gasping silently, as they bled out on the floor,

Omig laughed ” anyone else fer moving on then?”

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