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Official statement on the asylum roof fire

To the Militia and Captain Heinrichs

     Addressing the matter of Mr. Canergak’s actions in the event of the roof fire at the asylum on September 8, 188x. We understand fully the concern of the Militia and Fire Brigade for the lives within the asylum and wish to assure both that every precautionary measure possible has been taken to protect our patients against such attacks. Mr. Canergak was fully aware of the capabilities of the asylum’s structure to withstand external fire, the roof and outside walls being lined with brick and iron plating and acted to lock down the third floor to prevent not just the potential escape of patients dangerous to themselves and to the population at large, but also to prevent the attacker from achieving his goal of forcing us to move our patients in order to bring his compatriot, our charge known as Kuga, out into the open where he would have been able to reacquire him. Thanks to Mr. Canergak’s actions, our patients are still safely under lock and key with minimal injuries, the few there are being self inflicted from panic and already on the way to mending, and Kuga as well is still safely within care and at the Militia’s access as needed.  It is regrettable to say, that had our patients actually been in danger of burning, as their physician, I still would have supported Mr. Canergak’s actions. Those on the third floor are deemed beyond any measure of help and are held for observation and study to further our understanding of mental illness so that we might better help others before they reach such extremes. As such, they are not only unfit for society, but a great danger to others, rendering the choices Mr. Canergak made for the better of New Babbage as a whole. The very sad truth is that these souls would be better to burn in their cells than to be unleashed on Babbage in such an event. I hope that this will help the Militia and Fire Brigade both understand the full reason for such safety measures as we have taken to secure this facility as well as how much the cooperation of both are greatly valued in such events as this night’s.

Prof. Rance Ichabod Vartanian
Murgam Asylum

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  1. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx September 10, 2015

    Reading through this statement again, I begin to feel sympathy for the doctor in charge of the third floor. Whoever this might be, I am not completely sure, but I feel he would have been doomed to burn with his patients if the fire had destroyed the third floor. Does Canergak take the life of that man into account with his plan?

    There is so much I still do not understand about my employer.

    Oh- And tell Miss Moldylocks I’m doing alright. She was worried about me the last time I saw her, while the roof burned.

    – Dr. Henry Jekyll

    • Rance Vartanian Rance Vartanian September 10, 2015

      That would be myself, Dr. Jekyll. I happened to be out that evening, but had I been there, I would have had little choice but to stand with Mr. Canergak to keep people from releasing the patients. Though were we not so well prepared against fire, I would quite hope that I would not be forced to burn with them. But in such a case, I doubt Mr. Canergak would have remained on that floor himself, nor allowed Lisa up there during a fire.

      • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx September 10, 2015

        Oh dear.

        Forgive me, I’m not so familiar with the Asylum or its occupants, nor was I inside the building during the fire. It would be a tragedy to loose another important doctor just months after Dr. Viper’s demise. In any case, I suggest finding an escape route in case something like this happens again. Like an openable window, for instance.

        – Dr. Henry Jekyll

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