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Of Mine’s and Men Pt 2

It has been two months.

Two months since Mornington had hired three fellow from Falun to survey The Fells for coal.  Over the past two months, business opportunities had dried up in Falun, apparently someone had visited the small town, caused a stir-up and had used Morningtons crest card…it could only have been one person.  Emerson.

The two month delay in sending out the surveys was exaservated by the end of the summer period in New Babbage.  The weather had started to get colder, and with colder weather the coal fireplaces, boilers and heavy industry started to demand more, and more coal.  The surveyors was simply too busy to get back to Mornington about tenders to leaseout The Fells.

That was until today.

Mornington sat back in his usual spot in Brunel Hall as Dorchester ran in with a strange angry and yet pleased look on his face.

“YOU!  Mornington!  Whats the meaning of this?”  Dorchester handed Mornington an envelope, it was sealed, with the wax emboss of the Royal Mineing Corporation of Greater Falun.  The odd thing about the seal though… was it a double seal.  The second seal bore the mark of the Royal London Mining Consortium…and that was unusual.

Dorchester stood looking at Mornington.  It was obvious he want going to leave until Mornington opened the letter.

It read…

Dear Mr V. Mornington.

Regarding the survey carried out by a small group of Falun freelance surveyors, we have looked at their findings and have come to the conclusion that the coal under The Fells is in a seam 5 imperial meters thick, which extends throughout the plataeu of The Fells.  We have also surmised that there is deeper veins of coal below the main vein.

Tests on the bore coal have came up with a most remarkable result, most of the seams are made up of what we, in the business, call “Steam Coal” with patches of Anthracite grade coal. Needless to say, these two types of coal is very highly sought after for their slow burning, high heat properties.

The location of The Fells, being so close to a major transport hub of the central New Babbage station, the propensity of drinking establishments and the very high chance of the possibility of precious gems and metals between the coal seams means that The Fells is definatley in the top 5 mining locations in the world.  You have “struck gold” as the saying goes for New Babbage.

Both the Falun and London mining groups would like to work with New Babbage in extracting this coal.  We propose a small to medium mine, so as not to flood the market with high grade coal which would lower its price.

We are willing to pay….”

It was at this point Mornington’s eyes went wide and he just stared blankly at the page.

Dorchester grabbed the letter and read it…at the end, when the amount of money for the mining rights was revealed, Dorchester dropped his mug of coffee and sat next to Mornington.

“Thats… a lot of money” Said Dorchester.

“Thats more money than my entire Estate and all of its businesses make in 5 years…”

Dorchester turned to Mornington…

“You need to split this… it;s not right that you should have all this money!”

Mornington nodded…

“Take this letter to Mr Tenk, do not show it to Underby.  Tell Tenk i will split it with him 50/50.”

Dorchester grinned and ran out of the hotel in the general direction of City Hall.

“Well Mornington… what are you gonna do with all that money” Said Mornington to himself…


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