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October Book Discussion at the R.F.Burton Library


Bartleby and James: Edwardian Steampunk Chronicle (Galvanic Century Book 1) by Michael Coorlim

“Just a little ways into this book, it struck me what a brilliant idea is the combination of Sherlock Holmes-type stories with the endlessly innovative world of steampunk. The Holmes mysteries always fascinated me; but one of their limitations was that they were circumscribed by the rather rigid time out of which they came. To transcribe that basic formula, with its Edwardian charm, to the much broader world of the possible represented in steampunk, is a bit like the change from black and white to technicolor.” reader review by Brujaja

Inventor James Wainwright’s greatest desire is to be left alone in his workshop, where he can focus on invention and engineering unsullied by the messiness of London society and the meaningless concerns of its upper classes. His financial patron, gentleman Alton Bartleby, has higher aspirations. To continue to receive funding James will have to venture out into the outside world as a detective, turning his inventive genius to the creation of new forensic technologies. 


Bartleby and James is a steampunk mystery collection that tells the story of the detectives’ foray into private investigation. 

4.3 stars of 5 rating on Amazon. Free on Kindle. You know the drill: read the book, join the others, talk about what you read. Easy peasy.

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