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Nov 6th. 188x: uninvited neighbor

Grendel stood on the porch watching the large machine from across the canal bang against his gate. Precariously balanced on a single wheel, the thing had two large tesla receivers on it’s back, and spinning saw bladed on it’s arms it flailed ineffectively as a red headed zombie with a flashing device on his head moaned at it.

“Looks like something from the Factory.  Todd, please ask the clank to please return to his place of origin.”

The zombie moaned as the domestication device on his head flashed a blue light, and shuffled to the machine, wich resounded with a loud “CLANK!” and swiftly decapitated the zombie.  The others turned to look at Grendel as he put a hand over his face “that ought to do it, nice job Todd, #27, can you please remove the clank?”  The iron pengi nodded and waddled to the machine, after a few loud bangs and clangs, waddled back from the steaming pile of bent up scrap that was the clank, Grendel nodded as the xombies returned to their duties.  “Keep watch over the undead labor, I should return in a week, clean up poor Todd, take the canal rambler and a couple pengis and deposit the bits in the usual place, and uh..scrap any other metallic intruders that come this way.”


((OOC off to the land of moonshine for a week))

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