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Ninety Minutes past the Witching Hour – or The Blog that Would Not Die

Just to update, here’s an image I really need to redo a bit.  It
turns out Tesla lights just don’t photograph well when you try to throw
in a new background, and you’re too sleep-deprived and lazybones to
actually work any harder on said photo.

. . .if Technology allows.



Insomnia time is when the brain
goes snap and in comes a flood of inspiration. My time as a Wizard of
Music in this world has been a long and odd one, and I’ll probably
continue this madness of “spinning” tunes until my ears fall off. It’s
mostly because it’s a delightful form of torture to inflict upon the huddled masses my musical library
way to spent two hours – spilling trivia out of my head while playing
some great music – but it’s also an excuse to dress the part.

I first began this villainous career, a friend sent me a pair of
headphones. I may still have them somewhere in the quagmire of an
over-bloated inventory. There’s pictorial proof they must have existed
at some point in my Second Life existence. But, as Hilary said in Top Secret, “People change, lives change, hairstyles change!”

How right she was.

that I’m stitching and riveting my own clothing, it’s time to build a
new pair of headphones. They’ll be a nice brass and copper set to match
the new Inventor’s Wings I’ve made for the Steam Hunt. Shhhh, that last
part is supposed to be Top Secret. I have Top Men working on this issue
as we speak.

Top Men.

In time, more Inventor-y goodness will come of this inspiration.

Remember: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, which is why engineers sometimes smell really bad.

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