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News Release: New Jobs, New Industry for Babbage

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 June 20, 188_

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BABBAGE CANALS – Mr. Peregrine Pelham is pleased to announce today that Pelham Industries has relocated from Berlin to the Babbage Canals district of New Babbage. Mr Pelham indicated he is eager to bring thousands of jobs in clean industry and to provide life-extending and life-enriching products as he did before relocation was needed from Prussia.

“I am so delighted to be opening somewhere besides, frankly, a police state as Berlin has become,” Mr Pelham stated. “New Babbage deserves its reputation as a place wise to welcome clean industry. The recent fires created by rampant squads of cleanliness volunteers is clearly a sign that this is a town that wants to remake the image of the urban community of our day.”

Mr Pelham indicated that as a start, he has leased space in a former church with unspecified factory leanings at the corner of Brunels Railway and Stora Canal. “Within weeks, assuming the proper financial incentives, we can expect high-steamtech products to be shipped around the civilized world,” Mr. Pelham stated. He indicated that the factory probably has room for 300 laborers, and upon achieving that number he will seek land for expansion.


Mr Pelham noted the large piles of coal on fire on the lot next to his factory, and commented that indeed, job growth “will be hot.” He indicated that he is eager to cooperate with the economic incentives board and the local chamber of commerce, once he can find them.

“This city is so busy creating family-wage jobs and industry that it’s hard to find anyone who’s not shooting in odd directions and shouting something about hippopotamus, which is the oddest name for union organizers that I have ever heard,  but certainly tribute to the creativity of the community,” Mr Pelham orated. 


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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse June 24, 2014

    Welcome to town, Mr. Pelham. Take care not to fall in any of the canals.

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