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New Windup Keys, music boxes at Capalini Fine Furnishings

In keeping with the release of the Flash Fiction contest theme, Wind Up Keys, I have been diligently hard at work within the confines of my workshop for some time now.  I am happy to present not one, but two different styled Wind Up Keys in various lustrous metal tones.  In addition to these marvelous toys actually “winding”, they also animate one’s avatar in a graceful ballet dance whilst playing signature Capalini music box music.

I’ve also recently opened a storage room in the .. well, cellar of the workshop where I found some works that had been started, and never finished.  I am issuing a new member of the “Mates” series of snowglobes, the Penguins. 

And a different finished Ornate Rosebud music box that plays a lightly lilting tune.

I hope to have some more things soon, but this will have to do for now. 



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