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New Toulouse Rescue Mission!

i’d heard in the alleys that there had been storms in New Toulouse, and they were flooded, needing help, so i packed up some boxes of vole jerky and other supplies such as bandages and a few blankets, and a few fishing lines and hooks – after all, if your city is flooded, at least you can fish fer supper…

Then it was down to the Docks, behind the kite shop, duck under the stairway, an take the path southwards.  After an hour or two walking, the ground began to be a bit damp, so i put me clogs and puttees on, though the water just kept getting deeper.  An hour later, an i was walking down one of their streets, water up to me middle, and i met a couple of very nice ladies.  I offered them some of the vole jerky, but they didn’t want any, suggesting i take it down to the barrios where people were more in need.  They were very nice, and warned me about aligators, and that the graveyard was full of zombies!  They headed off, and i went to explore and see if i could find somewhere to give my supplies in.

[img_assist|nid=824|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=480]I found an automobile, but it wouldn’t start, i think the engine might have been flooded…  After that, i saw an aligator, and i think he saw me!  I kept out of the water, climbing through buildings, til i could see over the graveyard.  There were coffins floating around, many of them open, and there were some zombies in the distance.

Just downstairs from where i was looking over the graveyard was a boat, so i hopped in and had a closer look at the zombies.  In truth, they were not like our Babbage ones, rather sad and groaning, and in a boad it was easy to keep ahead of them – i guess it might be more of a problem if you were wading…[img_assist|nid=825|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=480]

I took a quick paddle round the streets, and found some people who were happy to take a box or two of vole jerky and the other stuff i had brought.  I sailed past a seafood resturant, which seemed to be taking fresh deliveries directly in the front door!  It was raining most of the time, and lightning struck to the right and left of me, so i paddled to a nearby island rising above the waters, and after a last look over the poor underwater town before finding a path home to my much dryer New Babbage.

I will have to see if the other urchins an i can scrounge up some more supplies, cus although they had put up sandbags an baricades, i don’t think they had done much good, an they are gonna need good folks to give em a hand…..

I did some quick sketches as i wandered round, and they can be found here:

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 26, 2010

    Well done! It looks like you were much better prepared than that poor adventurer who went through the portal earlier.

    Oh some good news, that earlier party of adventurers made it back safely, if rather bedraggled and wet.

  2. LoPxie Artful LoPxie Artful September 27, 2010

    you are awfully brave, tepic. 

    skyler persuaded me to travel to new toulouse too…  as something of a dare, i think… and he is rather littler than i, so i may scarcely appear to be more afraid than he, may i?…  o, and someone really ought to feed the starving residents too, i am so glad you thought of that!..

    skyler was terribly keen to see the zombies prowling about the tombstones… whilst i was quietly mesmerised by the rather beautiful buildings and the rich and vivid artistry that abounds there, until my feet were soaked, anyway….

    and then we were chased by an alligator, whom tried to eat us with its fearsome, snapping jaws, so we shot it with mister sixpence’s absynthe gun to make it rather disoriented, it was all quite awfully thrilling!..

    if one hasn’t seen the floods yet, and doesn’t mind perhaps being swept away and drowned, or eaten, one really ought to go and have a look

  3. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant September 28, 2010

    Cor…New Toulouse was fun, I had ta bring Lo with…Though it was a bit of a dare ta see if she’d come. Was surprised she did. Dissapointed in not seeing no Zombies though. Me shoes and jacket was drenched in…I sure hope it was just swamp water.

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