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New Subject For Local Artists

New construction is always a welcome treat, and the new waterway between New Babbage and Iron Bay is quite a change. Such a picturesque setting is of course bound to attract the odd easel (some really odd ;D)

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  1. Dee Wells Dee Wells September 21, 2012

    ((One thing I find quite striking about New Babbage in general is the level of complexity in its layout, evidently a result of the same struggles to accommodate both growth and contraction over a long time that shape cities in RL. Combined with the variety of styles and building practises and techniques developing over time—all safely within the context of this richly detailed theme—the product is an ever evolving living city, just as ‘real’ as any on Earth {especially when one includes the vivid social elements loose on these streets. To some, the creativity in the RP here is as strikingly original and detailed as the building. The willingness of all to accept each others’ visions of just what is this new pseudo-reality is refreshing beyond words}.

    I doubt such dynamics of structure could be duplicated artificially by any means. It is its own life; another level of society, not some sort of scripted AI or cold mathematical building etiquette. There are many ways in which this city is distinctive and very special, and all are related—just as they are in any physical city. I feel privileged to have encountered it, and look forward to each visit here; the experience as a whole enriches both my lives.

    I may never be able to contribute any of my builds to the city and only build for my own amusement, and confess that I am over my head in nearly all RP. So these images are part of my small contribution, adding to the documentation of our exceptional place in both SL and humanity—an extension of my thanks to all who have ever participated in creating what is the rich utter uniqueness of New Babbage. A very sincere thanks. I hope I can do the place justice; you all certainly have.))

    • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 21, 2012

      I was struck by very similar thoughts when I arrived last year.  It’s all simply amazing.  The way I see it, New Babbage has a culture, as much as any RL place.  It isn’t the product of any one person or group, it is the result of an uneven development by many, unevenly, over time.  As you said, just like a RL city.

      Because its culture agrees with me, I’m perfectly comfortable thinking of New Babbage as “home.”  I have a life there…a love, friends, work, pasttimes, joys and irritations.  Social dynamics wax and wane.  Physical structures rise and fall.  The borders expand and contract. Below the surface of constant change though, I’m learning that the city has rhythms, and I find the whole thing fascinating as I continue to settle into it.

      Thanks for your post.  It’s really enjoyable to reflect on these things every now and then.

      If you are ever in Clockhaven and see Emerson and me at the Gangplank (or if you see us elsewhere in the city) please stop by and say hello! 

      • Dee Wells Dee Wells September 21, 2012

        It’s true, a very real culture, as valid as any in history. And it seems to have as many amazing strengths and as much frailty as any other culture. It evolves as surely as the structural complexion of the city, both of which are fun to watch—and scary at times. But it is a joy to be involved with either way :D

        I will stop in—just promise not to make Peanut Kraken Elixir. My own success rate seems to be a bit under 50%, and I’ve lost my appetite for Chocolaty Milky Floating Peanut Sorta-Brittle-ish (If you really did try to make it, you’re nodding right now. When it works it’s amazing. When it doesn’t I eat homemade peppermint overdose ice cream—the only ice cream I’ve ever had that can be smelt—until I can’t move ;D)

  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer September 21, 2012

    That was beautifully worded, Miss Wells.  Thank you for sharing – it resonates with me.

    • Dee Wells Dee Wells September 21, 2012

      I’m very glad :D It really is so much more than a collection of sims, because of the contributions of all who touch the place. I find it’s even better appreciated from that perspective.

  3. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver September 22, 2012

    Indeed I concur Miss Wells .. and most important  no one can ever , step on nor take your own visions, thoughts and passions  away :) ..

    Its as if the bricks and cobbles compounded by and laced with certain builds just wrap their imaginary arms around you .. The  things dreams are made of  and  fantasies inspire ..

    Hence why New  Babbage is not for all  but those she does tap, tend to linger about for like ever and ever smiles .. *In each of their own creative out of the box ways of course*

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