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New Babbage Trivia Contest – Results!

The first ever New Babbage Trivia Contest at the newly-opened Loony Bin restaurant and garden pub was well-attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.  Many requests were made to have another contest.  Perhaps bi-monthly?  

There were two Grand Prize winners, Galactic Baroque and Satu Moreau.  The grand prize was a house (well, really a shack, but quite lovely).   Since neither wanted to become roommates, and it was impractical to saw the shack in half, both parties received their own separate shack and fisticuffs were averted to the relief of most. 

If you have a suggestion, please submit a notecard to Lady Moldylocks with the question, the answer, and any source material.  

Here are the questions, answers, winners and prizes.  

Round 1 – No Winner

During the Bar Wars, Vic Mornington snuck into Ahabs Bain Tavern and
replaced all the cigars with what? 

cigars he had bought from Mr Olendale’s House of Hilarity in Caledon.  

Source:  BAR archive.

Round 2 – No Winner

Who created the formula that was used to turn children into the Morlocks living beneath
the streets of Clockhaven?

Pizzaro of the Church of the Builder created it, Joseph Foehammer was the one
who administered it to children.  

Source: Emerson Lighthouse

Round 3 – Winner: Eochai Sonnerstein; Prize: Kunst Weston coat rack

Whose bloodstain is on the floor of the
Bucket of Blood?


Source:  Emerson Lighthouse

Round 4 – No Winner

is the most sacred object in New Babbage?

The wager book.  

Source: BAR archive.

Round 5 – Winner:  Satu Moreau; Prize:  Animated diving suit

the rather short-lived Martian Invasion, a certain Mayor destroyed the
creatures how?

They drank sour milk spilled from urns Mayor Tenk kept
knocking over and perished.  

Source:   BAR Archive

Round 6 – Winner:  Galatic Baroque; Prize: Researcher’s Table & Chair

Who declared:
‘This is war!’ thus sparking the Bar Wars amongst the city tavern owners?

Lupindo of Ahab’s Bane.  

Source:  Emerson Lighthouse

Round 7 – Winner:  Satu Moreau; Prize:  Holy Water Set

is the main ingredient of the local canned export New Babbage Chowder?

Wiggyfish.  New Babbage Chowder is a canned soup that is
an export of the city-state of New Babbage. The distinctive ingredient of the chowder
is the wiggyfish, a large bottom feeding fish with a lantern-like appendage
emerging from the top of its head. Wiggyfish is generally considered

Source:  BAR Archive

Round 8 – Winner:  Galactic Baroque;  Prize: Stepladder

According to
rumor, what should you never say while wandering the sewers (or any
subterranean area)?  

Dunsany, Dunsany (children believe it summons morlocks).  

Source:  Emerson Lighthouse

Round 9 – No Winner

the very first Oiling Festival, there was a bridge building contest for new
bridges in Wheatstone Waterways.   Two of
the entries were a death mill bridge with a whirring saw blade and another
scripted to collapse under a randomly picked
pedestrian.  What was the winning

Rip Wirefly won with his brick and wrought iron

Source:  BAR archive

Round 10 – Winner:  Satu Moreau; Prize:  Rainbow Globe on Copper Stand

Why is it not
wise to travel the North Fells in the spring season?

To avoid the
Magnus Sapidum Pedicabor, commonly referred to as the big black worm that comes
up out of the ground.  

Source: Emerson Lighthouse

Round 11 – Winner:  Galactic Baroque; Prize:  Rustic Gun Set

is there a memorial dedicated to in Clockhaven, near the rent board?

Titus O’Drum.  

Source:  Edward Pearse



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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse November 2, 2015

    Imagine the sit-com potential of Galactic and Satu living together in a confined space

    • Edward Pearse Edward Pearse November 9, 2015

      Played by Jack Klugman and Tony Randall?

  2. Azura Loring Azura Loring November 2, 2015

    It were fun ta be der Lady M. Thank youse

  3. River Falcon River Falcon November 2, 2015

    Well done to the winners. If I had been able to attend, I would have gained the princely score of …






    … zero!

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