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New Babbage Secret Santa

Because discussing holidays before they happen is what I do.


Soo…here’s the idea. Each person who registers/replies to this post agrees to recieving a gift in exchange for building/designing a gift for another person. Break out your creative caps, sculpty maps, and rulers and become a New Babbage Secret Santa!


BUT you may NOT possibly get a gift from the person you are told to give a gift too.

I.e.: I make Stormy Stillwater a set of jingle-bell slippers, but He ends up getting Blueberry Harvey as his giftee and makes him a Crazy-Nom-nom Cake that gives slices.


Make sense?


….Did I even spell secret right?

So…anyone up for the game and YES I want to give everyone plenty of time for hopes of doing gift exchange at a party of sorts.


Sprockets and Loves,



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  1. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver October 17, 2010

    Dear Bianca

    I for one think this is a splendid idea of Yours, as a matter of  fact I organized such venue just two years ago .. Kudos to YOU  for stepping forward !! 

    (( last year the interest just was not there  ))  but on a up swing I am sure YOU can rally the  giving spirit &troops of our dear community  ..  it is just  ((whispers your a little early ))  not to  worry !!

    friendly suggestions  provided below with twirls

    1)Just cheerfully  keep at it among folks along the way you see here and there  and then .. 

    2)come  black Friday ((the day after us thanksgiving))

    YOU POST and Post  and I bet you will get  tenfold !!  nods  i do ..   just  a fellow do gooders humble opinion there :)  ..

    taps foot and why is  gooders not in spell check ..   *grins*

  2. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 18, 2010

    Oh! I am a titch early, but that’s the reason I posted it. I know it may take some seconds to create items while others (more gifted like myself in the slooowwwww department) may take a little time to think things through, plan, sketch, etc.


    I appreciate your words Ms. Carver, and hope perhaps if this is remembered come that “Black Friday” you’ll be one to step forward and play?

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman October 18, 2010

    like the idea, but I don’t really do all that much for Xmas (TV specials, people in my neighborhood, and not to mention years of working retail in RL has killed that particular holiday for me long ago)

    but good luck, I’m sure you’ll find people all for it

    • Edward Pearse Edward Pearse October 18, 2010

      I worked for a large retail department store for 10 years (think something like Maceys rather than a shopping mall). Since I’ve never been interested in Christmas as a religious holiday it took me many years to get back to enjoying it again.

  4. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau October 25, 2010

    ::staaaaaares up at her mountain of work that’s piled up in the months since coming to New Babbage, teetering ominously over her head:: If.. I take on another project…. It might crush me…

    Count me in! ::hears a rumble and looks up:: Oh bother… ::gets buried under the projectalanche as if under snow. After it settles and a moment of rustling, pokes a hand up from her gargantuan list, giving a thumbs up with a muffled reply:: I’m okay!

  5. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox October 25, 2010

    Christmas time is a high stress time for me in my First Life.  I want as little of it as possible in my Second Life.  I *might* put up a nativity next to my chuch in Babbage Square, but that’ll be about the extend of acknowledging the holiday from me.


  6. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 25, 2010

    I think for those of you who replied…you’re missing two points that I thought would tickle your babbage bones…

    1. You’re building…isn’t that the only reason most of you login?

    2. You’re having fun while doing it…or you shouldn’t do it at all.


    IF you are going to take part in the Secret Santa just say you are, that’s what this thread is for, to see WHO is or isn’t. It can even be something as easy as Rip’s Trick or treat. Setting out Eggnog or something.

    Or at the rate you’re going…pass out some Grinch masks….-smirks playfully-

  7. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman October 25, 2010

    think you’ll probably have more favorable comments in Nov, some people get irritated at early xmas in oct




    and yes, I am a grinch and proud of it

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 25, 2010

      <in a sing song voice> You’re a mean one….Mr. Grendel… <hugs him>

  8. Marion Questi Marion Questi October 26, 2010

    You may count me in, Miss Namori. I think it is a great idea. I recall the Secret Santa organized by Miss Carver two years ago was a great success.

  9. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse October 26, 2010

    Count me in too!  This sounds like fun…now to get to the drawing board and think up potential gifts.

  10. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 26, 2010

    Wounderful lovely folks! I’ll note it!

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