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New Babbage Poster to be exhibited at 2011 World Fantasy Convention artshow

Steadman Kondor is thrilled to announce that his New Babbage poster and other artwork will be exhibited at the 2011 World Fantasy Convention artshow, San Diego. Special guests include Neil Gaiman and Connie Willis.

New Babbage poster, winner of competition for poster to be displayed at Caledon Oxbridge

Artwork commentary from Mr Kondor’s blog:

“The poster is based on the idea that you will find your muse in the town
of New Babbage, whether you are going to build buildings or steampunk
vehicles or make garments or publish books. The muse is someone who
represents the creative energy and the joy of creation. I also wanted to
create an image that references the power of human relations too – for
New Babbage is a town of strong community bonds. I used the town skyline
as a backdrop, but foregrounded the two characters – the muse and the
‘newbie’, who is enthralled and taken away to what appears to him to be a
wonderful new and strange steampunk town. And yes I did want to suggest
that there is the possibility of romance…”

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