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New Babbage HDR images

The forum posting ( with those lovely HDR images from Stuck in Customs got me thinking…


I had a few dramatically lit shots and some other interesting compositions taken in New Babbage… could I render them closer to HDR


Out came the Gimp and this is what I came up with…


I am curious as to your impressions… some I think really make a good shot better… others, well I am not quite so sure about. I have included some tags on some of the images to give you an idea of the different types of variations I tried to create these effects…



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  1. RachelLynn Lane RachelLynn Lane August 18, 2011

    well done!

    What an interesting challenge. I’ve created a few RL HDR in the distant past but never thought of trying it with SL.

    And it’s nice to meet another fan of Stuck in Customs.

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