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New Babbage Gallery of Arts

Mornington Photography officially closed it’s doors this evening (10th of January).

The photographers market has been collapsing for the past year, and it will basically bottom out in 2013.  I hung on for years in that old plot in Clockhaven to see if it would pick up again but it hasn’t.

The old Clockhaven “Fullarton House” will be boarded up and given its mesh overhaul which is deserving, since that plot was actually my first plot of land in New Babbage, and my first build…after about a half dozen rebuilds.

In it’s place is something which i hope will be used more… a Gallery of Arts.  Not just any old Gallery though, one that is New Babbage specific.

My plan is to open the doors to New Babbage visitors and residents to have their pictures shown in Fullarton House, professionally framed (in a mesh frame of course).  These will be “traditional” art gallery pictures of the city, or its people, hung up inside Fullarton House for all to see and look at in amazement.  If the photographer has a flickr page there will be a board under their pictures with a click link, and the photographer(s) will be invited to place out a tip jar.

The gallery will be opening once the building itself has been given a mesh overhaul.

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery January 10, 2013

    A wonderfully creative and generous plan.

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon January 10, 2013

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! Yay!

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