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New Babbage Book Discussion – The Flight To Brassbright

Sunday, March 22 at 1 pm slt
R.F. Burton Library

The Flight To Brassbright grew out of a ‘short’ biography Ceejay Writer wrote for the BAR some years ago. True Story! The bio kept growing and eventually was taken offline to bcome a novel. Two more novels in ‘The Brassbright Chronicles’  are completed, and are in re-writes and edits right now.

The cover art was created by Bob Brown, aka DreddPirateBob Streeter, crazy urchin of New Babbage legends. See more of his art at

The book is available in all electronic formats. I attempted to post all the links here but they kept mooshing together. Visit my Books page at The Brassbright Chronicle to find links for Kindle, Nook, and all other e-formats.

“Constance is a wild, stubborn young girl growing up poor in a small industrial town. But beneath her thread-worn exterior beats the heart of a dreamer and a wordsmith. She feeds her hunger for reading by picking the lock on the local bookstore late at night to enjoy her own private reading room. But at age twelve, she’s orphaned. With no relatives to take her in, the local authorities scheme to take charge of the bewildered girl’s life. Running away to join the circus—like kids do in adventure books—seems like such a brilliant idea… or is it? 

That was six long years ago. Now, Constance is eighteen, fed up with the constraints of life under the big-top, and despairing for her future. She’s ready to dust off her old dreams, but first she’s going to need another cunning escape plan. 

Can a young, newly-freed woman travel the road to her dreams and a place to call home? Step back in time to 1895 and take a wild, occasionally hilarious ride with Constance and the friends she meets along the way, as she travels the dirt roads and blue skies of a country called Industralia. Her journey winds through towns and cities bursting with creative eccentrics, high-flying airships, dazed automatons, brilliantly cracked inventors and more than a few kindred spirits. With allies like these, what could possibly go wrong?”

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  1. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer March 1, 2015

    This week only, it’s ‘Read An Ebook’ week at  and they are running a huge sale on e-books… that includes The Flight To Brassbright. If you buy it anytime this week, up through Saturday, it’s 75% off. Look under the buy buttons for the discount code!

    And as long as you’re there, why not grab The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day, a short kid’s story partially inspired by Babbage urchins.  Its FREE this week.

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