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New Aether ship spotted!!!

(feel free to comment: was testing a new Aether ship design based on the anime “Last Exile”, as I have nearly compleated 5 ships from the show, only one to go and I’ll have a nice set)


Walking along the deck of her new Aether ship while drifting over New Babbage, Marit noticed what appeared to be another Aether ship going into, than shortly thereafter exiting, the Vernian Sea headed to Port Babbage, than back out.

“Hmm…I’ve seen one o’ them before…someone must have stolen the blueprints from the last firefight months ago…Darn…”

Walking along the upper deck of the ship, that was fortunatly running in silent, she took images of it going in and out.

“Well, at least they followed the designs proporly…even the banners look nice…”


“And there it goes…they even painted the main hull red like in the concept drawings they must have copied”


“Oh well, looks like I have some work to do building more…lets hope they dont roll out the bigger model…”

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  1. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires March 31, 2011

    Does it use a gasbag or some kind of rotor to stay aloft?

  2. Marit_Static Marit_Static April 1, 2011

    Thank you sirs, but unfortunatly the current technology used by these people is unknown to me, apparently my designs were modified…on a normal aethership of this type the red hull is actually a lightweight composite metal mixed with fabric, and on the inside are gasbags, and the 4 pipes on the sides are steam vents ment to be used as thrusters in a high altitude environment…apparently they must have added some kind of material or rescourse to it to make it float better in lower altitudes, and on a smaller frame. My warship…er…One Man High Altitude Experemental Aether ship of that class is nearly two to three times that scale…any thoughts on how they obtained better lift? I also know one could add small props inside the steam thrust vents for extra help when needed…I should attempt a fly over sometime…never flew the six new Aether ships in low altitude (usually im over 400+m up…) before…

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