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Need some reading material?

If you’re looking for inspiration for builds, or just want to read what sounds like some very off-the-wall things, check out Jess Nevins has compiled a list of 11 proto-steampunk stories and novels from the 19th century. I myself am about to start _The Mummy! A Tale of the 22nd Century._ Should be interesting!

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs March 14, 2011

    Ha! And right in the first paragraph of the author’s introduction to _The Mummy!_, I immediately think of Dr. Obolensky:

    “I have long wished to write a novel, but I could not determine what it was to be about. I could not bear any thing common-place, and I did not know what to do for a hero. Heroes are generally so much alike, so monotonous, so dreadfully insipid–so completely brothers of one race, with the family likeness so amazingly strong–“This will not do for me,” thought I…”

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