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Need Some Holiday Reading?

Need something to tide you over until Tales of New Babbage: Volume 2 is delivered? (Still 2 weeks to go on the Kickstarter campaign. Order yours today!) How about delving into the New Babbage Department of Records and Archives? There’s a wealth of information and entertainment to be found, including:

The headlines. You can even go back in time all the way to May 2010!

Answers to… well, at least some of your questions about New Babbage. *grin*

Information about some of the notable builds of New Babbage.

Biographies of New Babbage citizens, past and present.

A variety of stories we have created, such as:

The Dark Aether Falls saga–links to all posts related to it conveniently gathered together on one page!

The first adventure of Miss Verlia Bilavio and Mr. Phineas Frakture. A very rousing read!

‘Dead Meat.’ Another of Mr. Arconus Arkright’s hilarious stories!

Do you think the Athenaeum (the building next to City Hall that’s stuffed full of books) is a wonderful build? Well, it is. But read what its originial purpose was!

As much information as there is on the Wiki, though, there’s room for more–much more. We’d love it if you added your own stamp to it! If you don’t have an account there (it’s separate from your account here), send me a message and I’ll set one up for you. I can also help you with at least some of the basics of wiki page creation.

I hope to see your contributions there soon!

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