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My trip to Flotsom and a present for Cap’n Lerpindo

Me an’ Tibbles woz out explorin’ the Freeport Township of Flotsam in Blake Diego. While I woz there I woz surpised by a weird lookin’ merfish in a judge’s wig.

Now I try not ter judge people on their clothes. Not everyone can look as stylish as me. Weird fishy turns out ter be none other than Aley! Known far an’ wide ‘cross the grid for her awesome stuffs an’ her wacko sense of fun.

Did I say wacko? Yeah. The whole floating town is a tinderbox waitin’ ter go kerblooey. So what does she do? She hands me a bomb launcher!!!


I said I should send Cap’n Lerpindo over for a looksees ‘coz the pub here had this mechanical whale and whot wiff his pub bein’ called Ahab’s Bane ‘n’ stuff. She thought that was hilarious! So the Cap’n has a special giftie curtesies of Miss Aley!

An’ if you visit, remember ter feed the Kraken. It’s AWESOME!

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