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my life becomes a living hell

ambrose rapped tentatively on my office door,I turned and looked at the hare, whose countenance bespoke of more headaches to come,”well what news? is Omig free yet?”

the Lawyer looked down”no Mam and we have a worse problem at hand”I stared unbelieving at him “and what could possibly be worse than my second in command being locked up for murder?’

Ambrose scuffed his foot nervously “I”the Hare swallowed”i saw miss Olivia in Clockhaven”

“WHAT!”I rose to my feet knocking my Absinthe service crashing to the floor”what is she doing here? she said she was going to Paris!”

Ambrose looked down at the Absinthe soaking into the carpet”well Mam I saw her in clockhaven not two hours ago”

I put my head in my hands “and why didn’t you grab her?”

the Hare pointed toward the doors to the Warehouse”because Violet, the city Is crawling with Militia, looking for an excuse to arrest any one of us,and grabbing a young woman on the streets of Clockhaven, and dragging her off in broad daylight would not look good, now would it?”

for the first time in months i felt truly defeated”no , no it would not, very well go find her, talk to her, get her some place private and lock her up preferably some place without windows,and by all means keep her away from a printing Press!”



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