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Mornington’s Reply to Emerson

It had been a quiet period of time in the land of Academy of Industry.  

Dorchester was no longer hounding Mornington and his properties because once the Independant Township of Academy had reverted back to being a part of the City state of New Babbage all the records was held over…but not quiet ALL of them.

In the 24 hours that Mornington had all the records about 2% of them had vanished.  Small ledger notes, notes about the land that Brunel was actually sitting on, and more importantly tally and tax notes from Brunel Hall itself.  It had been a quick, but very clean operation.

When a letter, hand delivered, arrived at Brunel from of all people, Emerson Lighthouse, it suddenly made Morningtons day…

((letter can be read here…  ))

Mornington sat back in his chair and started writing…

Dear Mr Lighthouse and Miss Ginsburg

I am pleased to see that both of you have decided to partake on a small vacation, the stresses of running The Gangplank must be tremendous on both of you.

The matter of me funding your…excursion…to an unknown place where you say you will be able to aquire Gold Ore has me intrigued.  As you know, a person of my standing has many, many stocks and bonds in various countries and a ready supply of carated gold ore would be very…beneficial…to both of us.

I propose that when you return with some of the ore and the known whereabouts of this mine, that i will gladly pruchase the ore from you, in bulk quantity, once of course the ore has been appraised.  My rates will be the same set rates that Lloyds of London has set for the purchase of gold ore by the imperial wheight.  This way you will not need to deal with some of the less…reputable people…that i often have to deal with in my line of “work”.

Rest assured that The Gangplank will be in ABSOLUTLEY safe and caring hands while you are away.

Please find enclosed a bankers draft which will be redeemable in any bank and convertable to any sort of currency you may need, i think you will find that this draft will cover all your expenses and leave you and Ms Ginsburg with a fair amount of spare cash for “consumables”.

I have also enclosed a black card with my family crest on it…just incase any bank decides to ask questions, just show them the card and I assure you that you will be treated quickly and fairly by the bank in question.


Victor Mornington”

Mornington popped the letter in an envelope, sealed it, and walked to Emersons house in Wheatstone to personally deliver it, the card and the bankers draft…all the way over he was thinking of numerous things he could do to the Gangplank and its over worked and underpayed staff while Emerson and Junie was gone.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse March 23, 2013

    Junie, look! Victor just gave us his credit card!


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