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More victims…even the Mer may not be safe.

Another public service flyer, written by a former friend of the previous author of these:

After it’s attack on Yang and the child the Beast had become a rare
sight in town, though there was evidence it was still alive.  While searching for a lead they ran into one of those strange doctors in
the blue boxes. They tried to warn the man that he was in grave danger,
but this just spurred him into action.  He went armed only with that
strange device they all seem to keep on their person.  He insisted that
with it he could produce a vibration that would send it slithering away.

They spent a day following him, and in the end they did find the
snake in the Waterways, which it has been seen in on occassion though not as often as Clockhaven.  It did not attack the doctor or the crew on
sight, but it did watch them, almost daring and taunting them.  The
doctor got closer to it than any of the others would have dared, and after he was satisfied he activated his device.

Rather than scare the snake off, it went into a homicidal rage, and the last thing
the doctor had a chance to say was, “Oh bugger,”.

It escaped into the Deep with the body, as it had the previous ones…despite the many valiant efforts of the crew.  (One man had the courage to say “I say, stop that!”  And another called it a “Vile…slithery…thing!”)

Because the Beast had been seen at least once in the Vernian Tunnels and many times around the team went down and tried to see if they could see where it made it’s home.

While inside the dead end shaft that leads back to Port Babbage they saw a strange sea creature swim nearby.  The reporters had never seen it before and they took a picture of it, which it even posed for.

Before they had time to muse that the Deep was filled with fascinating creatures, the snake swam nearby and looked at the creature and us.  One of the reporters says they tried to get the new creature (a Krakenite we have just discovered) to swim away, while another told it to kill and eat the snake. 

The Krakenite seemed to understand and turned to the snake and let out a piercing cry of some kind, and the reporters were forced to cover their ears.

Unfortunately, after the crew had the chance to recover, they beheld with horror as the snake had attacked the other sea creature in retaliation.  Alas it was victorious and not even the denizens of the Deep are safe from the Beast.

While it will always be impossible to be sure, even to them, the reporters all seem to think that her last words were also “Oh bugger.”

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  1. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger May 15, 2011

    I saw the thing slither by the door of the shop, but apparently a load of buckshot from the Greener convinced it to scamper on it’s merry way.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman May 16, 2011

    *reads the article, heads down to the hidden lab, dusts off the old monster hunting gear*

    “If you can kill a shoggoth, you can kill a snake.”

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