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“Month of the Resplen-ACK!”……………8/3/188X

The Raptor was dispelased.  There had been days of hunting, but the mechanoraptors only ever brought back stray cats, a box of kittens, ceramic asian luck cats, cat shaped teapots, but nothing they returned with resembled the feline moreux in a suit.

On the top deck of the Klaw, high above Babbage, the Raptor paced before the assembled constructs, ranks of Mechanoraptors, freshy assembled, their accompanying whatcher’s perched on ever five of them, a large crablike construct in the back, and a small mob of fairly miserable looking maintenance drones.

He grabbed the large ornate microphone standing near the hatch, and needlessly shouted into it.  “ALRIGHT!!! Stop bringing me cats! half of these aren’t even edible!!!  *Ahem*…. All Mecharaptors, Whatchers, and Maintenance Drones, I want each device in the city watched!  if you see anyone tampering with one, SOUND AN ALERT!!!  I also want a pack on deck at all times.  The Cat may have made off with a receiver, but this will NOT stop us!  we are broadcasting the signal 24/7!!!  More and more are falling under our sway and they don’t even realize it!!! The Cat will be back, him or a friend of his, another of the Bad Horse’s minions.  You, will prevent that!!!  failure will be met, with a one way vacation to the SMELTERS!!!  Now go!”


As the assorted automotons left to guard the devices while the city slept, oblivious, the great might of the raptor, threw his arms out wi*———


(Raptor’s note:  Eugene had the audacity to fall off the Klaw while I was monologing!  the idiot didn’t have the courtesy to duck under my claw when i swung it out dramatically…will have to select a new biographer once the city is mine.)


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  1. Mr Salazar Jack Mr Salazar Jack August 3, 2012

    I spied one of the Klaw Maintenance Drones yesterday near the Town Hall.[img_assist|nid=5698|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=382]

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